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During Jaden Korr's time at the Jedi Academy, Jedi historian Tionne had learned of the planet Yalara via a Jedi holocron. The planet was home to a primitive species which was not yet ready for integration into the wider galactic community, and was hidden by a planetary cloaking device, established many years ago by an ancient Jedi Master. After learning that others were possibly aware of the planet, the Jedi Order, sent Jaden to see if the planet had been discovered, and do whatever he could to prevent the cloaking device from falling into Imperial hands.

Upon arriving on the planet, Jaden encountered a firefight between Stormtropers, Dark Jedi, and Noghri. Seeing the imperial presence, Jaden decided that the cloaking device had to be destroyed, and he fought his way to the top f the generator tower and blew it up by placing explosive charges at the base.

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