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The Yarudora games are FMV visual novels created by Sony's in-house developer Sugar & Rockets and the famed animation studio Production I.G. The name Yarudora roughly translates to "acting into a drama" or "a drama you do" which sums up what these titles are. The Yarudora games are mostly fully animated dramas that the player can "act into."

All of the entries in the Yarudora series play in a similar way: the game shows an animated cut-scene and every few minutes choices will appear onscreen where the player must make a decision in order to continue the story. Based on what choices the player selects, different cut-scenes will play and the story will unfold in a verity of ways. The Yarudora series is well known for its large number of endings with about 6-10 good/normal endings and 17-20 bad endings per game.

The first four installments in the Yarudora series were developed almost simultaneously and all four of them share two commonalities. Those commonalities being that the story of each game is about curing the main heroine of her amnesia and the second is that each game is themed around a season. Double Cast is Summar, Kisetsu o Dakishimete is Spring, Sampaguita is Autumn, and Yukiwari no Hana is Winter. Besides those two similarities each game features different stories, genres, characters, and art designs. The last two entries in the series, Scandal and Blood: The Last Vampire, are not about amnesia and do not follow the season motif of the first four games.

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