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Yeto and his wife Yeta are the only two known members of the Yeti race known to exist in Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Yeto and his wife reside in Snowpeak Ruins up in the mountains. He loves his wife dearly, and when she became ill due to the negative energy of the Mirror of Twilight shard she had come across, he made soup for her. This soup was made of Reekfish, Ordon pumpkin, and Ordon goat cheese (with the last two ingredients found with the help of Link). When the soup was completed and given to Yeta, she had enough strength to go retrieve the Mirror shard for Link. Upon staring into the Mirror, however, she became possessed and transformed into a terrible ice monster named Blizzeta. Yeta was returned back to normal when Link defeated her monstrous form, and Yeto charged into the room to embrace her. He then told her that she did not need the mirror as she was beautiful already.

In a mini-game, Yeto and Yeta can be found at the top of Snowpeak and can challenge Link to a race down the mountain to their home. The race takes place on a snowy, downhill path, and Link uses a large chunk of ice as a makeshift snowboard. Yeto's girth makes him slightly slow, but he can easily get in Link's way. Since Yeta is much slimmer, she is also much quicker. Link is rewarded a Heart Piece if he wins against both of them.

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