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In Zenonia 3 the player takes control of Chael, the son of Regret. At the beginning of the game Chael falls into a portal and winds up in Midgard, a sort of limbo between Heaven and "Ground" (Earth). There is, of course, conflict in Midgard between the tribes of Heaven, Hell and those in between.


Zenonia 3 features four different classes to choose from when the game is started.

  • Sword Knight: A standard melee class with hard hitting attacks.
  • Shadow Hunter: A rogueish class that uses claws for weapons and attacks with agility.
  • Mechanic Launcher: A ranged weapon class.
  • Nature Shaman: The spell-casting class.

In-App Purchasing

Zenonia 3 has a system of points called "Zen Points" that have to be purchased with real money. They allow one to purchase advanced items that will help get through the game easier. The game starts off the player with 5000 of these points.


New to Zenonia 3 is a multiplayer PvP mode. There are arenas to fight against other players online and win experience and gold. These battles are technically not real time and basically pit characters' stats and equipment against each other to determine a winner.

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