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In video games slime can most often be found in swamps, alien environments and industrial sites. Although almost always considered a substance that is unpleasant to the touch and often other senses, in video games slime can also often act as a hazard that will damage the player should they come into contact with it. In various RPGs slime can also be found in the form of items which may drop from slime monsters, such monsters also often excrete slime and in many cases are considered creatures born out of slime to begin with.
 Mario removing the slime from Isle Delfino.
Perhaps the most notable use of slime in a video game is in indie game World of Goo where players create structures out of a highly manipulable and very thick black slime. Super Mario Sunshine also used slime to great effect, telling the story of the beautiful island of Isle Delfino coming under attack from a Mario look-alike who covered the island in a dangerous slimy substance. In the game Mario and F.L.U.D.D. venture around Isle Delfino cleaning up the slime and defeating the monsters mutated by it.

In the real world the word slime is often used to refer to substances poured over people on television shows to try and invoke discomfort and humiliation in the victim. This application of slime rarely appears in video games, although Buzz! Quiz World is notable as featuring a round where losing contestants are dumped into a large pool of green slime.

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