Nintendo Prevent Fatal Frame 4 Release In Europe,

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It's been confirmed that Nintendo have prevented the release of Fatal Frame 4 in Europe. A few months back it was revealed the game would not be getting a US release, and that only Europe would see the game, there was even magazine advertising to suggest a European release. Well now it's been confirmed that the game will also not be making its way to Europe, despite the earlier advertising in France.

Tecmo had this to say on the matter:

"It is regrettable that Nintendo has decided to not publish 'Project Zero' for Wii at this time. But the only thing we can do is respect the company's decision no matter what reason they have..."

"However, we have once more realised that there are many fans anticipating our 'Project Zero' franchise and are very proud and pleased to find out this fact. What we at Tecmo can do from this point forward is keep this project for the future and devote ourselves to launching the next version that will live up to those expectations. We will definitely officially announce this when the time is right."

For a company such as Nintendo, struggling to appeal to it's hardcore fraction right now, is this really a good move : /

Fatal Frame 4 Wii  (Grasshopper, Nintendo, Tecmo)


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Massive stuff-up.  Unforgiveable.

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(sarcastically) * starts slow-clap*

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All I see there is that Nintendo won't publish it. Which is like, duh. We all thought it was a different publisher that picked it up for PAL release after Nintendo showed no intention to publish it in the US after all. There's nothing here suggesting they're actively preventing the game from being published. There's just no interest from any publisher. That's what I got from this at least. Why doesn't Tecmo? Rising Star? Marvelous?

It doesn't seem to have the attention of anyone (but die hard fans), regardless of the system it's on. Anyway, look to Silent Hill & Cursed Mountain.

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hope they port it to another system.

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@kitsune_conundrum said:
" hope they port it to another system. "

Yeah, I'm hoping for a PS2 port.

It would hopefully play better than the Wii version which is said to feature, "retarded controls".

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If there's no publisher interest for the Wii version, why on earth would there be publisher interest for the PS2 version?

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Thing is, Nintendo owns the publishing rights. This means no other publisher could pick it up even if they wanted, and a PS2 port wouldn't help.

There are rumors that suggest Nintendo wanted Tecmo to fix bugs and glitches, and maybe change the controls, but Tecmo refused. There are also rumors that Tecmo wanted money to fix those issues(they do have economical problems at the moment), and that Nintendo didn't want to pay. As of now, we can't be sure who to blame.
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Because it would actually sell pretty well on a Sony machine. It has a huge fanbase on Sony's machine and could make it's money and then some releasing on both PS2 and PSN. Sadly it's unlikely to get a port because of Nintendo's involvement in the game.

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Even if it does get a port, Nintendo still own the publishing rights. I doubt they'd want to publish a game on a Sony console.

Anyway, an unofficial translation patch is currently being made. If it gets completed and works as it should, all you'll need is an SD card and you'll have a fully subtitled game. I'm not sure if the patch will lift the region lock though, so it's possible that a Japanese Wii is necessary...
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We can always count on you, Nintendo!

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I just checked, and the translation patch should lift the region lock. So if it works when it gets released, all you'll have to do is buy an SD card and import a copy of the game - no need to mod your Wii or anything like that.

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Woot, finally a horror game on the wii that actually, potentially, could be scary and good for once, and nintendo shuts the whole thing down.

I dont think many people knew about this game before now though :S

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and nintendo then askes astonished "why is there piracy?"

No wonder... :S

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Yes, piracy is there to get a hold of games not released in your region. What an awesomely awesome justification of pirates. Hurrah! Let's see how many people pirate Fatal Frame IV (which is a very niche series not many people play anyway, and this particular iteration has controls most of the "hardcores" here would hate) and how many just download games like Galaxy 2, No More Heroes 2 and the like then.

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Edit: *side note* i wonder if it's a question of quality. Reggie said he didnt want Disaster coming to the U.S. because he didnt think it was a good game (i dissagreed). If there are questions about the controls, Nintendo might be blocking it because they think it isn't "good enough" for Nintendo. Just an idea.
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I want to play this game god dammit!

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Maybe its 70k copies sold in Japan is more what "prevented" the localization than anything else. I don't see why other publishers don't jump in if it's such an opportunity some people here claim. It wouldn't be the first title published by Nintendo in Japan yet by others in other regions.

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Wait, so Nintendo doesn't want money? There are certainly plenty of disgruntled Resident Evil purists out there who would pick this up in a heartbeat just because they want something with ass controls and scary stuff.

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