My 2012 Game of the Year

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Seriously, just based on The Second Runner alone.  Some of Kojima's best games.
Seems a lot of people have little experience with the ZOE series, but if you're into character action games, mechs, or Kojima's style of putting games together, definitely check these out next year.
Edit: I guess you should move any ZOE discussion to this thread instead.

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So, you like Zone Of The Enders, huh?

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HD Vector Cannon.  Unless Platinum pulls out something amazing (which is more likely than not), that alone would seal the deal.

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@csl316 said:
Seriously, just based on The Second Runner alone.  Some of Kojima's best games!
Why not keep all your Zone of enders stuff to one thread? Its kinda spammy. 
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Goddamn, I would love to be a mod right now. I would shut this down.

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I'm excited for this collection. Second Runner is one of my favorite games of all time.

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Sort of premature and redundant to declare a rerelease your Game of the Year in June, wouldn't you think?

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@The_Laughing_Man: With all due respect, they're separate games and pages.  I originally made a discussion thread on The 2nd Runner, but of course some people may gravitate to this, the franchise page, or the original's.  Apparently I'm not the only one checking out the different pages to see if they have a good wiki or anything else to offer.
They're simply discussion threads, and it's been breeding relevant discussion on all of em.
If the mods are against it, they have every right to lock these.  But since the ZOE forums have barely been touched, they could definitely use some life in them.

Edit: Apologies about cluttering the main forum page, I can't say I've ever gone there in my two years of GB.  But the "E3 2011 and You" thread says to go to the specific game's forum to start topics there.

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