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Everything I Hated About MGS3 and Then Some

Hideo Kojima games have always been hit or miss with me.  While I have enjoyed the crazy story, technical prowess, and overall charm of several games in the Metal Gear Solid series, I always hated MGS3 for all the giant "features" (also known as design flaws) that define that game.  From the horribly broken camera, to the uneven difficulty, to the overall frustration, ZOE 2 seems to pick right off where MGS3 left off.  I played this game for a couple of hours only to succumb to an escort mission I encountered where I constantly had to pick up and drop off a defenseless mech while shielding it from hordes of enemies.  All the while, I kept asking myself, "Am I wrong to not enjoy babysitting useless characters?"   To add insult to injury, the combat is mash-happy and the camera is a total mess.  Overall I walked away from this game completely frustrated and further convinced that I should just stop playing Kojima's games.  From the little of this game I tolerated, everything is just as bad as MGS3.  The only major difference was that I was piloting a mech and the lead character is named Dingo Egrett (which may be a positive or negative feature depending on your view).  Do yourself a favor and keep the 2 hours of your life this game cost me.

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