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The Zora are aquatic creatures that live in lakes, rivers and bays in the Zelda Universe. Most of these creatures are blue colored and have a humanoid form, though in the earlier games they were more fish-like and had green and orange colors. Zora are excellent swimmers and are able to breathe underwater.

Throughout the series, the Zora race can be found in various aquatic locations. Zora’s Domain from Ocarina of Time, and Zora Hall from Majora’s Mask. In Ocarina of Time, they had a ruler, King Zora, and a princess, Princess Ruto. In Majora’s Mask, a leader figure is never mentioned, but they had a very popular rock band that Link encounters on his adventures. In Twilight Princess, there seems to be a monarchy established as Link encounters important characters such as Queen Rutela and Prince Ralis.

A very curious fact concerning the race is that in The Wind Waker – a Zelda game that takes place on a great ocean – the Zora are nowhere to be seen. The Wind Waker occurs many years after the events of Ocarina of Time so it is possible that the Zora had evolved into bird-like creatures called Rito. There is a pretty good chance these rumors are true since one of the Ritos, Medli, is actually a successor of the Zora sage Laruto.


The Zora are skillful swimmers. They can breathe underwater as well as on land. In Majora's Mask, Link could transform into a Zora via the Zora Mask. It is then shown that the Zora can emit a powerful electric shock as well as throw their fins like a boomerang. In the Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past, the enemy Zora were able to shoot energy balls at Link.

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