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Licensed to Be Good 0

The latest 007 game hit stores this week, and it is easily the best Bond game since GoldenEye.  EA has given up on replicating Rare's classic FPS.  Everything or Nothing takes Bond into 3rd person view, and it works.  The new view plays alot like Metal Gear Solid, but with alot more extras thrown in like vehicles.  The game also features an optional point system where you gain points for doing Bond-like things such as using the environment to take out enemies rather than just shooting them ...

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Tries to do 'everything', but comes with problems 0

 Everything or Nothing can be considered the best Bond game since GoldenEye 007.  The game has a lot going for it: high production value, gameplay variety, decent controls.  It's not without its problems, however.The storyline is pretty generic Bond: crazy rich villain wants to take over the world, only he's using tiny nanobots to destroy the opposition.  Bond, along with the requisite hottie, must stop him using all manner of ways.  The difference between this and most games is the high number ...

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Bond, James Bond 0

James Bond: Everything or Nothing is the latest decent Bond game. EA takes another shot at a James Bond game. It's a good game, but not the best bond game. There are many things wrong with this game; however there are many things good with this game. It's like a movie, a James Bond movie. This game is in third person. I wanted a first person Bond game. You've got to do a series of missions, some are repeated again and again, some are bothering, and some are fun. At least they kept the driving...

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Add this to the list... 0

I'll admit....I considered every game after goldeneye for the nintendo 64 less than stellar, even the recent movies games for the next-gen consoles were to me beneath the quality and majesty that was goldeneye. So when I heard about Everything or Nothing I was a little skeptical but I picked it up anyway, why? I had a couple of bucks and I was on a buy a bunch of games kick way back then. I'm glad I did and I'm also partially glad that my 360 crapped out on me so that I could check this gem out....

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Dr. No Thank You! 0

The previous two EA-developed Bond games for the PS2 generation had a problem. They were stuck in the past, copying an old Nintendo 64 game while their contemporaries passed them up. By 2004, with Halo 2, Half Life 2, and Doom 3 on the horizon, something had to change. So, at last, EA ditched Goldeneye as its chief creative vehicle and instead chose to copy a completely different Nintendo 64 game.Everything or Nothing is heavily inspired by the game WinBack. If you don't know what WinBack is, it...

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One of my Favorites 0

Game play This game is a good modern style shooter game i think its one of the best james bond game ever because in the game there's about 32 missions and this is the first james bond game where you can drive motorcycle's car's trucks and a helicopter i think thats the best part of the game. All the missions has allot of action and this game never gets boring. Overall the game is good but multi-player is pretty boring you get to play some bonus missions and its pretty hard to play it. I think yo...

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