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A good time for a nice swim. 0

It feels weird to call Abzu a story-walker (jokes about being a swimming simulator notwithstanding) since other titles in this genre tend to give the player means of investigation and unraveling the story along the way, uncovering smaller elements that lead to a bigger picture - Abzu however gives the player freedom to explore in the various ‘levels’ while pacing out the reveal of plot points ala chapters, not to mention getting to peep at plenty of fish. A deep narrative to sit on w...

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Vibrant environments may make this a fun game to look at yet the rest of the experence didn't live up to the visuals 0

This might just be my greatest review challenge yet. Most of my reviews come down to either liking the narrative or enjoying the gameplay. With Abzu neither of those factors are a big reason why I liked this aquatic adventure. I can even sum up the narrative in one sentence. A lone scuba diver wakes from what seems like a long slumber and must travel through the ocean to seek out magical life portals to bring back life to the ocean.The scale and magistracy of being beside a a whale is impressiv...

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The Love of the Ocean 0

What do you think of when you picture bodies of water in video games? Whether it’s the Dopefish from Commander Keen, the terrifying drowning music from Sonic the Hedgehog, getting repeatedly eaten by sharks in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, or Soma just in general, someone might be given the mistaken impression a healthy fear of the water is requisite for working in the video game industry. As someone who grew up on the coast, swims every day during the summer, and enjoys any chanc...

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A great ride from the surface to the deepest depths that must not be missed 0

Ocean life and I have a long and storied relationship. Most of it is concentrated around the National Geographic and Discovery Channel Documentaries that would come on TV. Specifically, "Blue Planet" was a standout to not only me but my friends and even my parents to this day. Those 5 nights that week that it premiered we all sat together as a family and watched the series. We've had similar experiences with other documentaries such as "Planet Earth", but few other media has really touched in th...

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A great journey under the sea 0

This game looks great, controls great, overall I had a great feeling of discovery while playing Abzu.While very short and it still managed to feel repetitive after a very short time and I was getting pretty worried 30 minutes in, almost exactly at the point I was thinking "holy crap is this all there is to this game" they started changing the tone and direction of the story and it gets pretty interesting towards the end....

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Abzu 0

Your enjoyment of Abzu will rely almost entirely on the game's aesthetic. While the gameplay is quite soothing, it is as simple as it gets (swim, then swim more). Its narrative (if you can call it that) is almost non-existent. But if you're okay getting lost at sea for two or three hours with some of the most beautiful art and some of the most pleasant orchestral sounds that the PS4 has to offer, then this is a no-brainer. There's even a "meditate" mechanic if you'd like to stay lost for a bit l...

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A relaxing few hours under the sea 0

Abzu was developed by Giant Squid Studios, co-founded by Matt Nava. The reason I mention this is that Matt Nava was formerly the art director at Thatgamecompany, which made Flower in 2009 and Journey in 2012. Anyone who has played either of those games instantly has an idea of the style of Abzu: an interactive experience where normal game tropes take a back seat to exploration, environmental story telling, and movement.Abzu is primarily set in an underwater world, most of which is teaming with l...

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