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    Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 24, 2000

    Control 5 new civilizations, and take on 4 new campaigns along with a myriad of new units and features in this expansion pack to Age of Kings.

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    Age of Empires II: The Conquerors is an expansion pack which adds a large variety of new features to the original game, Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. The expansion pack requires Age of Empires II: Age of Kings to work. The expansion pack was well received by critics and currently has an 88.5% rating on Gamerankings.

    Additions to the game

    Many new features were added into the game, tweaks to the core gameplay were also put into place.

    Gameplay Tweaks

    There were many changes made to the core gameplay in order to make it more user friendly. For one thing artificial intelligence was made more user friendly and was changed in order to be more intelligent. This aided in 'micromanagement' which made the game easier and more accessible to new players. Other features were also added to aid in single player gameplay. Chat commands, a staple to the series were added to ask AI players for resources such as food, gold, stone, and wood or to tell their AI allies to attack the enemy. This is a feature still used in the third part of the series. Another significant improvement was the population limit for each player/civilization, which increased from 75 to 200. Smaller improvements were added, such as in the campaign, Hero Units were now able to regenerate health.

    New Campaigns

    Four new campaigns were added into the game. They were based on the exploits of

    Another campaign, called Battles of The Conquerors, was added which took a different approach then the others. Rather then having a campaign centering around one character, it was based on a variety of battles which had no relation to each other. All of these battles are important to history but were not featured in a narrative campaign like the other ones, and unlike the other campaigns, the player did not need to unlock missions by completing other missions, and there was no progression to the campaign. The player could play any battle at any time. The list of battles featured in this campaign included;

    • Agincourt (Britons vs. Franks)
    • Hastings (Franks vs. Britons)
    • Manzikert (Turks vs. Byzantines)
    • Kyoto (Japanese vs. Japanese)
    • Lepanto (Spanish vs. Turks)
    • Noryang Point (Koreans vs. Japanese)
    • Tours (Franks vs. Saracens)
    • Vindlandsaga (Vikings expedition across the Atlantic to the New World at Newfoundland, North America)

    New Civilizations

    A total of five new civilizations were added to the game, including two meso-american civilizations which do not have access to cavalry. Instead both Mayans and Aztecs gain eagle warriors, which serve as scouts in the early game and strengthen to knight equivalents in the late game.

    • Spanish - Balanced, diverse civilization with access to strong gunpowder units, good navy, and combat-capable villagers. Unique units are Conquistadors, which are mounted gunpowder units, and Missionaries, which are mounted monks.
    • Mayans - Strong archer civilization with very strong economy bonuses and cheap archers. Unique unit is the Plumed Archer, which are faster, sturdier foot archers.
    • Aztecs - Infantry and monk civilization with tremendous early economy bonuses, extra sturdy monks, and strong siege. Unique unit is the Jaguar Warrior, which is an anti-infantry infantry unit.
    • Huns - Cavalry civilization. Do not require houses for population, and have the cheapest/strongest cavalry archers in the game. Unique unit is the Tarkan, which are anti-building cavalry.
    • Koreans - Siege and Tower civilization, with the longest ranged towers and siege weapons in the game. Unique units include the War Wagon, which are heavy cavalry archers, and Turtle Ships, which are heavy, hard hitting ships.

    New Maps

    The list of maps includes;

    • Arena
    • Ghost lake
    • Mongolia
    • Nomad
    • Oasis
    • Salt Marsh
    • Scandinavia
    • Yucatan

    Other New Features

    Other new features include twenty six new features, new real world maps, and new units available to all races. Each new civilization in the game also got their own unique heroes. The level soundtrack was changed completely.


    1. Pork Parts (3:06)

    2. Pudding Pie (estimated 3:11)

    3. Tide Me Over Warm 'em Ups (2:51)

    4. Voodoodoodoo (2:55)

    5. The Bovinian Derivative (3:10)

    6. Case in Point: Paste (2:58)

    7. Mountain Lie On / Seamus and Chamois (3:24)

    8. Subotai Defeats the Knights Templar (estimated 3:06)

    9. Roi-r! / Basura! Basura! (2:42)

    10. Neep Ninny-Bod (3:16)

    Sabotai Defeats The Knight's Templar (full soundtrack in one track (30:50)


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