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Welcome to my lair. 0

Volition’s last major release Saints Row IV casts a very long shadow over Agents of Mayhem. Even though AOM only vaguely shares a universe with Saints Row series, it’s hard to imagine how you would top unlimited flight, guns that shoot dubstep-powered laser explosions, and the ability to throw magic missiles from your palms.Instead of being a superhero simulator like Saints Row IV, Agents of Mayhem is a team-based single player hero shooter. You pick a team of three characters with ...

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Not a Saints Row game 0

Adjust your expectationsThis is not a Saints Row game.Imagine taking all the generic open world bits that nobody likes anymore and that is this game; a generic open world with absolutely no hook.The actual world is very nice looking, a stylized future city very reminiscent of Overwatch but it is extremely small,likely the smallest "open world" I've ever been in.I liked the majority of the characters they all had a decent backstory and fun special abilities.80% of this game is extremely repetitiv...

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Fun adventure that just misses the mark 0

Agents of Mayhem wasn't what I expected at first. I thought from the trailers I saw a long time ago that I'd be using my own created agent to play the game. After the initial tutorial I was ready for the Volition style of killing off characters and letting me restart all over again. I was surprised that that wasn't the case, and in fact I would be playing with a cast of characters that were created for the game. It definitely was a bit disappointing if I'm honest since I felt like being able to ...

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