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    Alexander Ashford

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    A mostly unseen character, Alexander plays a pivotal role regarding the founding of Umbrella, and is the father of twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford.

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    Alexander as a human is never encountered, though he is mentioned numerous times throughout files detailing his attempt to alter genetics and bring forth a genius. Using his own DNA, along with that of his ancestor Veronica, his clones Alfred and Alexia Ashford are created. Alfred was considered as an ''above average'' intellect, but was no genius. Alexia, however, was a success; by the age of ten, she was already leading her own team of scientists.

    Her fascination with the progenitor virus and the off-shoot T-Veronica Virus worried Alexander, however. Eventually, using their own signet rings along with Alexander's, Alfred manages to uncover the truth of his birth and with Alexia, they use their own father as a test; a guinea pig used to further examine the effects of the T-Veronica virus.

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    Alexander was experimented on with the Veronica Virus to such an extent that he became yet another addition to the B.O.W. library. Initially seen through a grated floor, tightly strapped to a chair with a huge halberd resting on him, he eventually manages to escape and is fought on a rooftop by Claire Redfield. His main source of attack is through a constant expulsion of poisonous gas that covers a huge area of effect; up close, he has a series of sharp appendages that have sprouted out of multiple areas of his body that he can attack with. Nosferatu moves slowly, though the large cast of fog that covers the battleground can make attacking him difficult.

    At this point the player has access to a Sniper Rifle with 7 shots available; using the first-person view, the player can potentially kill Nosferatu with a single hit should they shoot his exposed heart well enough. Whether Claire is poisoned during this fight also factors later on in the story when Chris Redfield finds her. If she was poisoned, Chris must search for a specific antidote (blue herbs won't work) before the story can carry on.


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