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    America's Army

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    A series of games originating as a training simulator for new American Soldiers that has grown into a full blown game series serving as a recruitment tool for the United States Military.

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    America's Army is a series of first person shooters that is meant to gain interest in joining the United States military. The game is developed by the US government and distributed for free over the internet. The first version was released as America's Army: Operations on July 4, 2002. Since Operations, twenty different updates have been released, though all were built on the same game. America's Army: Rise of a Soldier was released for the Xbox in late 2005, developed by Secret Level and published by Ubisoft. Another console version, America's Army: True Soldiers was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 and was developed by Red Storm Entertainment.


    In August 2008, protesters rallied outside Ubisoft headquarters in a protest against America's Army. The protesters claimed that T for Teen rating of the series is in violation of an "international law" making it illegal to recruit people under the age of 17 to the army.


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