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The Community Spotlight 2019.07.13

This week's biggest topics include level codes, Quarian questions, theme park rides, font selection, one-handed gaming, and Viera weddings. So, you know, a normal Spotlight.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! With the weather warming dramatically (in the northern hemisphere), it seems only fitting to talk about video games. While the new releases themselves have slowed to a trickle, games from previous weeks continue to prove their worth as the community still buzzes about them. That is not to say this week was without its new breaking highs. With the announcement of the Switch Lite and other future releases, this proved to be a surprising week indeed. With that aside, let's jump into the site related housekeeping!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Super Bradshoe Maker 2 (By: @andyrentz)

Over on Twitter, andyrentz couldn't help but think about a possible reboot of the "Breaking Brad" video series after watching Brad complete and struggle with Super Mario Maker 2 levels during last week's UPF.

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Community Activities

It's always better to play with friends!
It's always better to play with friends!

Super Mario Maker 2 Community Level Code Sharing Thread(By: @barnetronuk)

Even weeks after the game's release Giant Bomb still can't stop playing Super Mario Maker 2. In case you may have missed it, here's a link to our official Giant Bomb community level code sharing thread! If you have a level to share, or are looking for new levels to play, this is the thread for you!

Final Fantasy XIV Community Online Company (By: @snakelinksonic)

With Jan and possibly Jeff jumping into Final Fantasy XIV, here's a friendly reminder Giant Bomb's Final Fantasy 14 Community Company and Discord is still teeming with activity! Here's a link with everything you need to know about the game and playing with other Giant Bomb users.

Clips Of The Week

Giant Bomb Talks GI Joe (By: Devil)

Here's a HILARIOUS Bombcast blast from the past! Over on YouTube, Devil re-listened to their favorite "classic" Bombcasts and decided to "animate" this hilarious discussion about the wacky hijinks of GI Joe and Cobra Commander!

Tweets Of The Week

Best Of Blogs

Where are my Mr. Saturn stans?
Where are my Mr. Saturn stans?

Extra Credits And How To Frame An Argument For Modern Gaming (By: @shivermetimbers)

shivermetimbers responds to the controversy surrounding the most recent video by Extra Credits and why they think it's difficult to frame an argument in modern gaming.

"Tonda Gossa!": A Slightly More In-Depth Mother 3 Review +

Indie Game of the Week 128: Bear With Me (Episodes 2 & 3) (By: @mento)

Where are my Mother 3 stans? I ask because moderator Mento finished the game and wrote an EXHAUSTIVE review of what they liked and disliked about the game. It's definitely worth a read if you enjoyed the game yourself. Additionally, Mento returns to the episodic adventure game, Bear With Me, but this week looks at the game's second and third episodes!

We Witched Twice (By: @ford_dent)

Is The Witcher 2 a
Is The Witcher 2 a "classic" at this point? Mor on what that term means latter!

After an extended hiatus, Ford_Dent is back with an update on their quest to complete The Witcher series! Use the link below to discover why they think The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a low-key generational video game "classic!"

The Legend of Heroes Trails Retrospective Pt 1(By: @yyninja)

After several starts and stops, yyninja is going to finally play and complete The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! Here's a link to the first episode of their blog "Let's Play" series for the game!

Judgment And The Power Of Friendship (And Mild Spoilers) (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan uses their latest blog to talk about Judgment's story and its refreshing depiction of friendship amid the backdrop of violence.

Ah, yes, I can always use a good video game cat in my life.
Ah, yes, I can always use a good video game cat in my life.

EA Didn't "Kill" Mass Effect! It Still Lives On As An Amusement Park Ride At California's Great America! (By: @zombiepie)

In honor of Alex finishing Mass Effect 2, moderator ZombiePie went to California's Great America to ride Mass Effect: New Earth, a 4D motion simulator. That's right, they made a Mass Effect themed amusement park ride!

Join The Discussion

How can you NOT pick Quake for
How can you NOT pick Quake for "best typography?"

What Should Alex Do? (Mass Alex Spoiler Poll) (By: @beachthunder)

Whelp, I guess this was to be anticipated, but the Giant Bomb community is still BUZZING about what Alex should about the final episode of Mass Alex: Mass Effect 2. Vote and discuss what you would like to see, and be aware this has no bearing on the actual series!

Which Games Have The Best Typography? (By: @kelgray)

Here's something I hadn't thought about until I saw this thread on the boards this week. Which games do you think have the best fonts or typography? Personally, I will always have a spot in my heart for OG Quake.

Games That Can Be Played With One Hand (By: @insomniak08)

Here's another all call to the Giant Bomb community! User insomniak08 recently broke their left hand and needs help identifying games they can easily play with one hand as they recover.

So... this is a thing that will most likely make billions of dollars.
So... this is a thing that will most likely make billions of dollars.

Nintendo Switch Lite - September, 20, 2019, $200 MSRP (By: @liquiddragon)

The Switch Lite is officially a thing! What are your early impressions of the new model? Do you think this device will sell well around the world? Do you have any concerns? Share them using the link above!

Into The Grand Blue Yonder (By: @dochaus)

During this year's Anime Expo, a lot of interesting announcements were made related to the Granblue Fantasy franchise! Read all about what was announced and share your excitement in this thread.

Samurai Shodown Mains And Strats (By: @undeadpool)

Are any of you still playing the Samurai Shodown reboot? Here's a link to our mains/strats discussion thread! Feel free to also share your tips for people just jumping into the game!

I'm always up for some hot samurai action!
I'm always up for some hot samurai action!

How Long Passed Initial Release Before A Game Is Eligible For Classic Status? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's an interesting poll and discussion thread on the Giant Bomb forums! How much time needs to pass before a game becomes "classic?" Vote for and defend your stance using the link above!

Blazing Chrome Discussion Thread (By: @glots)

Are there any users out there that picked up Blazing Chrome? If there are, here's a link to our official discussion thread for the Contra and Metal Slug inspired game from developer JoyMasher!

Lovable Lists

After this week's Sea of Beasts, this all checks out 100%.
After this week's Sea of Beasts, this all checks out 100%.

Trailer Blazer: E3 2019 (Part Four) (By: @mento)

Mento is back with the final episode of their "Trailer Blazer" list feature for 2019! Use the link below to read all about their steps to watch every E3 2019 trailer uploaded to the site!

Followers/Recruits-gaming Concept (By: @ultimateaero8)

Calling all users! Here's another community list project! User UltimateAero8 is attempting to make a list of games that feature followers recruits as a mechanic and how you catch their attention in-game!

Useful User Reviews

What can I say? I'm a merchant of memes! (Credit: @SemiFakeGods)
What can I say? I'm a merchant of memes! (Credit: @SemiFakeGods)
  • @riostarwind didn't quite expect Cross Codeto be interesting when they started it. Yet the way it was designed kept them going all the way to end.
  • @bhlaab uses their review of Amid Evil, a spiritual successor to Heretic, to discuss how it is an unfortunate example of a game starting strong and ending weak.
  • @junior_ain's Mega Man review retrospective continues with a modern assessment of Mega Man 4! Read why they think it marked a point of no return for the series.
  • @bhlaab also continued their "retro" video game reviews with an assessment of Kingpin: Life of Crime. Read why they found it to be a different type of gangster game.
  • @guip1408 gave Crypt of the NecroDancer a shot after several publications spoke of it highly. Unfortunately for them, isn't their cup of tea.