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Ayrton Senna himself helped develop this game.

Made by Sega in 1992, this game was released on all of Sega's consoles including the Genesis, Master System and Game Gear.

The most fleshed out version was the Genesis one. In it one could race through two main modes. The first was Senna GP which players could race on a Senna designed track, and the second was the world championship mode.

The world championship mode had two settings: Beginner and Master. The Beginner mode was a straightforward drivers championship, where the driver at the end of the season with the most points was the winner.

The Master mode included the concept of teams and rival drivers. In this mode, players were put in a team with the objective of advancing to better teams until eventually taking Senna's place at the top of the food chain.

Meet Nigel Mansell's unlicensed cousin
Meet Nigel Mansell's unlicensed cousin

Players could challenge rival drivers and replace them in the team if they won.

The teams were arranged in 5 tiers with the master himself in a separate class altogether. The game was unlicensed, so all the rival drivers and teams were likenesses of real ones. Even Senna's team in the game was an original team called "Madonna" as opposed to his real team at the time, McClaren.

The tracks were relatively close to their real life counterparts, and Senna advised developers about track characteristics. They even followed the order of the real life Formula 1 calendar. Each track had some unique background elements such as a city or forest. Some tracks even featured rain on random occasions.

Even with all these realistic elements, the games handling could best be described as arcadey. This was characteristic of console racing games of the time. More realistic racing games could be found on the PC, but for many Genesis owners, Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II brought Formula 1 home.

Critical Reception

Upon release, Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores: 6,8,6,5 adding, "...this is a game that only a dyed-in-the-wool racer will love. The first SMGP set new standards in driving simulations and, while this version smooths out the rough edges, it does not break any new ground".

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