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 "Gladiators wake the magick that sleeps within the quiet steel of the blade with their sparring techniques."
Bangaa Gladiators are a Bangaa-exclusive Job in both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Bangaa Gladiators are similar to the Hume Fighter Job as both are offense-focused and both share certain abilities. Gladiators are able to equip Spellblades and require two Warrior skills to be be mastered before the Job becomes available. When a Bangaa Gladiator has mastered two abilities they can change Jobs to the powerful Defender, which is a defense focused Bangaa Job.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

 The Gladiator can learn the following Skills: 
Skill Weapon Required
 Rush  Sweep Blade
 Wild Swing  Ogun Blade
 Beatdown  Shadow Blade
 Blitz  Sun Blade
 Fire Sword  Flametongue
 Bolt Sword  Air Blade
 Ice Sword  Ice Brand
 Ultima Sword  Materia Blade

Final Fantasy Tactics A2

The Gladiator can learn the following Skills: 
Skill Weapon Required
 Rush  Sweep Blade
 Wild Swing  Ogun Blade
 Beat Down  Shadow Blade
 Blitz  Sun Blade
 Fire Soul  Flametongue
 Thunder Assault  Air Blade
 Blizzard Tackle  Ice Brand
 Ultima Sword  Materria Blade

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