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    Battalion Wars

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 19, 2005

    A spin-off of the Advance Wars series, Battalion Wars mixes squad-based shooter gameplay and real-time strategy.

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    Battalion Wars is a war game that combines elements of strategic gameplay and unit micromanagement with third-person shooting. In each mission you control a entire squad of soldiers, that range from the basic soldier to anti air units and bazooka soldiers, and can even gain control of tanks, helicopters and planes. The game features simple controls to mantain the player´s focus on the action in the battlefield, and with a lengthy storyline and soft learning curve, it is a game that appeals to any fan of the genre.


    The game begins by showing the long dispute between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories (a parody of the Cold War). Both nations are at war, until they are forced to join forces due to the rise of a new threat: the Xylvanian army. Using the support of Tsar Gori, leader of the Tundran army, the Western Frontier manages to win the stalemate with the Xylvanian army after a series of long battles. In a last resort to save Xylvania from losing the war, Count Ingrid summons an legendary group of soldiers known as the Iron Legion as their last stand. The Legion grows stronger and Count Ingrid becomes seduced by their power- eventually losing her grip of reality. However, the Frontier forces are able to bypass the Xylvanian defenses and destroy the Cenotaph, the ancient structure that is the source of energy for the Iron Legion. Empress Lei-Quo of the Solar Empire arrives to the field of battle herself to kill Ingrid. In the final battle, the Frontier and Tundran forces arrive at Vladstag, the Xylvanian capital and seize the building, restoring peace to the continent.


    Battalion Wars plays out as a mix of third-person action and real-time strategy. The player, as a faceless commander, can take direct control over any allied unit on the battlefield, whether that unit be a foot soldier, tank, or plane. The player can also give commands to other units by directing them toward waypoints, or present orders to engage specific enemy units or objectives. Each stage features a series of primary objectives that must be completed, in addition to secondary, optional objectives. Objectives range from capturing bases and rescuing allied units to defeating specific enemy targets.

    Key Features

    • Lengthy solo-campaign with ranking system and unlockables.
    • Over 20 different types of units to control, both infantry and vehicles.
    • Varied missions to keep the gameplay interesting.
    • Comic elements that keep the storyline fresh, not taking the game too seriously.
    • Easy to learn control scheme.
    • Sharp visuals and animation sequences, with a cartoon-like feel.

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