Battlefield: Bad Company

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    The venerable Battlefield franchise returns for its second console-only outing, this time with a fleshed out single player campaign and a new multiplayer game mode, Gold Rush.

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    Unleash havoc on the battlefield like never before. 1

    In late 2006, Electronic Arts released Battlefield 2142 on the PC to relative success. Two years later, the Battlefield series came to consoles with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. In Bad Company, you'll be utilizing Dice's new Frostbite engine to destroy your way through a somewhat short single-player and an addicting multiplayer experience. Though Bad Company is quite different from its Battlefield cousins in both story and presentation, minus a few small annoyances, it's a great shoo...

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    Wanna blow stuff up? Get Bad Company. 0

    If I wanted to make this review short and sweet, I'd probably just say "If you like blowing stuff up and killing a bunch of people while doing it, then Battlefield Bad Company is the game for you." But since I like to add a bit of professionalism to my reviews, I'll delve a bit more into the game and give you a more enlightened point of view on this first-person shooter. Battlefield Bad Company comes from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts and chronicles the adventures of B-Company...

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    Seriously, my final Bad Company commentary. 3

    After my scathing review of the demo, and various other reviews I did afterwards, I guess I don’t have any hate left to spare for this game. I enjoy it tons, for some reason. And in case I have not enough reviewed this title… Some things I have not yet covered (shocking, I know). I dig how you can replenish lost grenades and ammo by running over a dead foes supplies (ammo through specific class only); the limited splash damage (which emphasizes precision); distinct classes; and persistent and co...

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    You smell very clean 0

    I've always felt like the Battlefield franchise was a bit limiting as an online only multiplayer shooter. Sure, its large-scale battles are incredibly fun online, and the basic Battlefield formula holds firm in every iteration of the series that I've played. I guess I'm just greedy, and have always wanted more for my $50-$60. Fortunately, my wish has been granted via Battlefield: Bad Company. Bad Company's online play is about what you'd expect from the franchise, but it throws in a surprisingly...

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    Bullets and Bombshells and Bullion, Oh My! 0

    Even though Battlefield games have always been more about multiplayer, the single-player campaign in Bad Company is actually better than I expected.  It follows the story of Preston Marlowe, a misfit soldier sent to B company, a group of other misfit soldiers that the military has deemed 'expendable'.  As the tale progresses you and your team will embark on a mission to steal precious gold bullion from the enemy mercenaries as 'compensation' for the military leaving your unit out to dry.  It all...

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    Battlefield: Bad Company redefines the playing field 1

    This is Battlefield: Bad Company, a game that looks similar to a few other things that you've played, but if you look closer there is a new and unique experience to be discovered. The developer's DICE have put a lot of work and sweat into developing this title. They felt that they had to develop an ambitious title to stand alone from every other Battlefield title they have worked on in the past. In order to do that it was built from the ground up by developing the Frostbite engine. It reshapes...

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    I just like it when stuff blows up.. 3

        If you've played and enjoyed Battlefield: Modern Combat multiplayer then you know exactly what to expect with Bad Company. Dice takes battlefield games to a whole new level with Bad Company both with the new comedic spin on a squad of soldiers sent out before the real army to do some initial damage and basically, not get in the way. But simultaneously redefining the war game genre for all games to come.    Let's start with visual & audio presentation. Visually Battlefield Bad Company is ...

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    Blowing Up Buildings Never Gets Old 0

    This game is fairly old at the time of this review (about two years if I am correct) so it is showing a little but of its age, but it still stands as one of the better military shooters on the Xbox 360. This game is the antithesis in many ways of the Modern Warfare approach to the FPS. While the down the rails shooting mechanic is still in place, there are many differences that set it apart. First off the game is much slower paced in terms of the progression of the levels and the overall speed. ...

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    Skip the single player and head straight for online! 2

    Battlefield: Bad Company is a great game.  The multiplayer is deep and rewarding and even with one mode, it offers lots of lasting enjoyment.  More on the multiplayer later.  When you start the single player side of the game, the flaws are obvious. The most problematic portion of the game is the artificial intelligence both for your squad mates and your enemy.  While moving from objective to objective, your three other squad mates will lag behind, waiting for you to engage the enemy and when yo...

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    Worth It's Weight in Mercenary Gold 0

     In Battlefield Bad Company no one is safe, not that tank, not the gunner behind the sandbags, and defiantly not you. Its destructible environment adds a whole other layer of tactics to the game multiplayer, and a new fleshed out single player campaign doesn’t hurt either.   With its custom frostbite engine Dice allows the player to blow up most everything in the game. Sniper towers can be reduced into ruble with a well place mortar or tank shell. Is that pretty little house in your way? Just...

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    My first Battlefield 0

    I have always been Interested in the series, and based on the reviews, I decided to pick this one up. The first thing that I noticed was the sound. The game uses Dolby Digital and uses it extremely well. This should be a reference title for any gaming-centric headphones or surround systems. The graphics are done well  as the models of the vehicles and soldiers are extremely detailed. I experienced a little bit of screen tearing in the single player but  did not notice it in the multiplayer. The ...

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    Battlefield Bad Company is back in business! 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company is redefining the sandbox appeal to first person shooters by adding a new gameplay mechanic called environmental destruction. This brand new feature in the battlefield series lets you create your own path to reach your objectives as the environment is up to 90% destructible. This game fully utilizes this feature in both the single player and multiplayer. The single player consists of a story-driven campaign across enemy territory with the help of allies that are part of ...

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    Bad Company is nearly perfect game. 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company looked like your average shooter when it was first announced but attention was quickly increased when D.I.C.E. said that the environments in Bad Company where 90% destructible, and after numerous delays and a month of fragging in a demo, Bad Company is finally here. Battlefield: Bad Company is a first time for the Battlefield series in many ways, A) It’s the first Battlefield game that isn’t a spin-off of the PC version of the franchise, B) Battlefield Bad Company is th...

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    Good engine makes up for mediocre campaign 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company takes the proven Battlefield formula firefights on a massive scale and tries to make it into a single player as well as a multiplayer shooter. Touting the Frostbite engine with a mostly destructable world and focus  on high quality sound, the engine really shines and the game is technically very impressive with a steady frame rate. The gameplay in the single player campaign falls a bit short however.  Explosions are AWESOME!In the single player, you play as Preston Marlo...

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    bad company: bad a.i. edition 1

    i have a complaint about battlefield: bad company. the a.i. all of it. the enemy, your squad, its horrible. the enemy is both terrible and spot on at the same time. its terrible in that you can shot one enemy and another one, not 5 feet away will do nothing. and its spot on when they can find you and shoot you, dead on, no matter where you are. these guys have the best aim anywhere. and they arent very interested in you squad, see as how they can stand in the open while im crouching in some co...

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    Good but gets old 0

    battlefield bad company is a great game with things that other shooters dont have like destructable enviroments.  Its gameplay is really what makes it shine though with great weapons, controls, and veicles you'll feel like youre really in the battle.  The sound is great with weapons sounding satisfying and a tank sounds like what a tank should sound like.  The graphics could use a small touch up but it really isnt anything to be worried about.  I love the characters in the single player which ar...

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    Awesome game! Great game for the summer drought! 0

    I had a close eye on Battlefield: Bad Company for a while now.  I was really excited when I heard a multiplayer demo became available on XBL. I downloaded it immediately and I was blown away. The draw distance in this game is amazing. But the real gem here is the explosions. Pretty much anything you see, can be destroyed in real time. It adds a whole new layer to the game. And for the first time ever, a Battlefield game has a single player that you should actually put some time into.  This game ...

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    The first attempt at a single-player Battlefield game is good. 0

    BF: BC is a military first person shooter in the battlefield franchise. This is the first battlefield game to have a meaningful story campaign. In past battlefield games the real meat of the game was the multi-player component. The story of BF: BC follows Bad Company, a group of misfit convicts that don’t get sentenced jail time and instead get placed in the army. The crew completes their missions as they are told to by their superiors. After fighting their way up a hill they discover that the...

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    Bad Ass 0

    The Battlefield series has always been highly renound for its multiplayer component so how does the series fair when there is a bigger concentration on single player. Battlefield : Bad Company is the game that has taken this leap so does it sink or swim.  Bad Company puts you in the shoes of a new recruit in B-Company a group of misfits and trouble makers who are used as cannon fodder when other troups are too pricey to use. Your squad is made up of a hard nose sargent, a mad explosives expert a...

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    BFBC: Battle Field Bad Company 1

    Single playerThe campaign on this game is very good as you can heal yourself and get into transport with you team mates. Also while your in the car you can have the camera in different way just like any other racing game 3rd 2nd and 1st person. Overall i think the campaign on this game is good enough for what it is but they could make it so they have more levels but they are shorter.MultiplayerThe multiplayer in this game isn’t outstanding but is good for what the game is. In multiplayer it's th...

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    I Was Suprised 0

       I  expected a good game and I played I great game. The single player is very well thought out and has  a very immersive feeling. Theres more to this game besides just blowing stuff up thats a big part but not the biggest. What I really like about the game is all the different approaches you have to playing it. You can go silent like or you can destroy everything and watch as your enemies run in fear. But one thing that many games are missing is co-op play where is it! There is only one level ...

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    BFBC: A review! 0

    Let me start off by letting you know that I am a HUGE fan of the Battlefield series, and I absolutely LOVE BF2. Now, I can say something I have wanted to say for a very long time…. They have finally brought the Battlefield goodness to the console market! For those that may have never played any of the BF games before, if you have a 360, now is a good time to try it out. All of the thrilling multiplayer madness is here in Battlefield Bad Company. Oh, and they included a excellent single player ca...

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    Awesome Multiplayer, so-so single player. 2

    First off I want to point out that i'm not really big on the Battlefield series and I only played Battlefield 2 (for PC and original Xbox) briefly.  That being said I thought this game was great, specially the multiplayer aspect.First off i'll start with the single player part of the game.  Basically EA/D.I.C.E. I guess wanted to have a single player that was worth playing in the battlefield series in a way they succeeded and in a way they didn't.  There is a story even though I found it to be k...

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    When things make boom, I make happy. 0

    So here it is, Battlefield: Company.  A modern first person shooter where you are a soldier in a rag tag, rouge if you will, squad of soldiers practically leaving a trail of destruction in search of mercenary gold.  I’ll admit when I first saw the trailer for this thing probably a year ago or so, I was impressed.  It showed off something many MANY games lack.  What I’m talking about is the so called dynamic destruction made possible by their ‘Frostbite’ Engine, which basically allows the player...

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    The loneliest number is the number...four? 0

    I’ll start by saying that this is a very good game and that only a few poor choice is stop it from having the best multiplayer on Xbox Live. The Battlefield series has allowed players to fight in World War 2, Vietnam, the future, and in the present. Bad Company takes place in the present, where a fictional war is going on between the United States and Russia. Unlike past Battlefield games, Bad Company has a Single Player story that doesn’t end up feeling like a series of bot matches strung toge...

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    Great Shooter 0

    There’s no shortage of games with explosions these days.  The problem is that they are conveniently placed barrels to kill the enemies.  No environmental damage is done except for the occasional black burn mark.  Bad Company does explosions right.  If an M203 round is shot at a wall you can bet that wall isn’t going to be there post-explosion.  The explosions are not just for looks either, they factor into the gameplay.  If an enemy is in a house, why wait for him to come out, just blow out the ...

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    Fun, fUn, fuN 0

    i am having a ton of fun with this game.  the multiplayer is great.  i like the gold rush game mode, the classes seem well balanced and the maps provide plenty of challenges to either the attackers or defenders.  I believe that I will be playing this game for a long time.      ...

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    Solid Singleplayer. 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company (2008) When transferred over to the console platform, Battlefield has never quite satisfied on the multiplayer front as much as its PC counterpart, an although there is vast improvement here between Modern Combat and Bad Company, the mode stills lags behind Call of Duty 4. The greatest aspect of the game however lies in the single player campaign which mixes a standard war story set in the near future with some great characters. Furthermore, the open ended nature of the...

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    Blowing stuff up has never been so much fun, or looked so good 0

    While my history with the Battlefield series has its ups and downs, my experience with Bad Company has been on the up side of things from the get-go. While many things have changed, it still feels very much like a Battlefield game. Even the single player campaign plays like a multiplayer game - when you die, you don’t have to restart from your last checkpoint, you merely re-spawn and pick up where you left off. It’s sort of odd, but it beats constantly re-doing things. I’m now heavy into the mul...

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    Great for making holes... 0

    When i put this game on my Q, i never thought that i would enjoy every bit of it. First off I know everyone is saying, this IP is known for having nothing to offer people as far as single player goes. Well you would be wrong. I have had this game since Friday i believe and i haven't touched the Multiplayer stuff yet (which i will review later). The single player campaign is just to much fun for me to stop. You play the rolls of the new guy in Bravo Company (aka Bad Company, on account of why eve...

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    Battlefield: Bad Company Review 0


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    Battlefield Bad Company 0

    I'm sure you've seen this trailer, seen game play footage, or heard about it one way or another. If you haven't then which rock have you been under? Battlefield Bad Company is the very first game to introduce a single player campaign. This may be one of the most compelling feature this game holds, as the Battlefield games were always strictly a multi-player based game with large forces; so it makes sense that hearing about a single player story in a Battlefield game has you already wondering " I...

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    Enjoyable Shooter 0

    Pros: Controls, Gameplay, Writing, Mulityplayer.Cons: AIThis game is over all an extremely enjoyable game. Clever writing and well timed set-pieces make for an excellent first time single player experience for DICE. The mulityplayer takes the usual battlefield machanics and waters them down abit, but adds another mode to spice it up. The only real short coming of this game is it's AI. Your friendlys are never where you want them to be and couldn't hit the blind side of a barn with a nuclear miss...

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    A fair game. Multiplayer is awesome. 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company is a game that promises amzing destructive environments and it sure does promise. Nearly everything can be blown up or destroyed in some way. Trees can be shot down, walls can be blown out of the side of buildings. Blowing up stuff has never been this fun. The single player campaign lacks in how short it is, but the funny characters and environments make up for it slightly. It definitely could have been longer.But what really shines in Bad Company is the multiplayer. It ...

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    Good. Some problems, but good. 0

    Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer, and it's absolutely no different in Bad Company. But what Bad Company also has is a single player campaign with a meaningful story. In Bad Company you play as Preston Marlowe, the new guy that is put into a squad of misfits dubbed, not surprisingly, "Bad Company". Series of unfortunate events lead up to you dealing with the an army of mercenaries in the attempt to steal their gold. Most of the story is presented with in-game cut scenes with free...

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    Battlefield Bad Company Blows Up 0

    Battlefield Bad Company could have used a bit more polish, but still plays as a Battlefield game should. On the surface Battlefield Bad Company is just another Battlefield game where you can play as several classes of infantry and quickly hop into light vehicles, APCs, tanks, and helicopters.  Play it for a bit and it doesn’t take long to notice some new and significant additions such as a tangible single player game, destructible environments, but also a lot of small bugs / flaws. Unlike most g...

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    A Good Game Overall Though Not Fantastic 0

    Up to this point, the Battlefield series has been typically a PC shooter affair and the consoles have only had one game in the series, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. While Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was the first Battlefield game made for consoles, EA and DICE's latest in the franchise is the first game to be made from the ground up for this generation of consoles and it is also the first game to not be on the PC. Battlefield Bad Company did surprise me for sure. I generally thought that Battle...

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    "Bad Company" Sets a New Standard 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company sets a new standard, in my opinion. Not only does this game bring a highly enjoyable single player experience, but it also has an addicting multi-player game. Bad Company was announced back in 2006 and made by Electronic Arts. This highly anticipated game was well worth the wait, and you're about to find out why. Bad Company is also the first Battlefield game to be exclusive to consoles. Previous games have been brought to consoles from the PC. This game feels like it wa...

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    Bad company takes the Battlefield franchise, and adds to it. 0

    Before Bad Company, Battlefield games were samey, faceless war shooters that... kinda failed to impress. I hoped that Bad Company would prove that DICE still had some tricks up their sleeves. And thankfully, they proved me right. I enjoyed every moment of Battlefield's single player, although the pretty much unlimited auto-injector reduced the difficulty somewhat. The great thing about Bad Company is that although the online action is the centrepiece of all the previous games in the franchise, t...

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    Battlefield: Bad Company 0

    Battlefield: Bad Company I have a problem with war games, i think they try to make themselves to serious. Yes war isnt something to joke about. But i always wanted to see some humor in them, to add a little comic relief. Its something that has always turned me away from war games, ive only played one war game, and never finished it. When i picked up Battlefield: Bad Company, i  was hoping it would be what i wanted in a war game, or just a game in general. These are what i like in any game, and...

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    Boom is a keyword 0

    When someone says Battlefield what do you think of? Singleplayer? Multiplayer? If you said singleplayer than you must have been playing a different Battlefield for all these years, and Dice set out to create a worthwhile single player campaign with Bad Company. Single player does a great job of introducing you to all the various gadgets, and the characters are even funny sometimes. You have youre normal shouty sargeant, usual explosive crazed demolition guy (with a redneck twist) and for some re...

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    One of the best multiplayer experience on next gen consoles 0

    Battlefield has always been a series known for it’s fantastic multiplayer game play. Bad Company expands on the series noted multiplayer while also adding in a marketable better single player campaign.  Battlefield: Bad Company also features great vehicles, a funny cast of characters, and larger than life destruction that make this game arguably the best in the series. Bad Company is the first of the Battlefield series to have a meaningful campaign.  The single player campaign tells the story of...

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    One of the Best Games of the Year 0

    As primarily a console gamer, Battlefield: Bad Company represents everything I wish the Battlefield series could've been. Almost everything good (except maybe the ability to go prone) is carried over from Battlefield 2, and everything new works incredibly well. The controls may seem strange at first, but once you get used to them, it's not hard to see them becoming the new standard for console shooter. The graphics are top-notch, in my opinion some of the best the 360 has to offer. The new Gold ...

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    What's better: A Russian Tank or a Truckasuarus Rex? 0

    Ok here's the down beat. You play as Preston Marlow.Blah Blah Blah lets talk about the good stuff.Single Player:The story is the best story I've heard in along time.DICE added comedy to the mix of Battlefield;along with an actually story and tons of new goodies.The best part,you know can blow a hole in a house.Its 90% destructible Environments.The vehicles are fun to drive and the guns are fun to shoot.Multiplayer: It still feels like Battlefield games only with a new game type(Conquest mode com...

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