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When someone says Battlefield what do you think of? Singleplayer? Multiplayer? If you said singleplayer than you must have been playing a different Battlefield for all these years, and Dice set out to create a worthwhile single player campaign with Bad Company. Single player does a great job of introducing you to all the various gadgets, and the characters are even funny sometimes. You have youre normal shouty sargeant, usual explosive crazed demolition guy (with a redneck twist) and for some reason, a nerd that can lug a LMG around, and then you have yourself, the jack of all trades, and master of all. I enjoyed several levels of the campaign, especially the one that took place on a golf course, but many of its levels are just a straight up slog through enemys that are insanely hard to see, you think it wouldnt be too hard since you have 3 buddys that come packing, but they rarely fire theyre guns to help you out, and often complain about having do all the work. The story is also occasionally funny but the ending leaves much to be desired.

The main chunk of your time with BFBC should be spent with multiplayer though, and the new mode Goldrush. Goldrush is pretty much a attack and defend game type, but most of the time it heavily favors the defenders most maps but about 3 out of the 8. Thankfully though this issue should be resolved after DICE puts out an update that will allow the classic Battlefield Conquest mode to be played on all the maps. The classes are as balanced as always, and each class brings something unique to the table be it mortar strikes, land mines, C4, a needle that heals yourself, or a laser designator for calling in missles. Most land vehicles control well, and theres always a nice balance between firepower and armor on the vehicles, however helicopter are still crazy hard to control, and i hope eventually DICE makes some kind of crazy in depth tutorial on flying these things. Boats are also not a big focus and you will rarely need to use one, and in the future i hope to see a naval focused battlefield map. The expierince system works as well as you would expected, and isnt just a straight COD4 rip off like you would think. You will get extra points from things like headshots, saving a buddys life, or blowing up an objective. None of the unlockable guns feel overpowered but several of them feel extremely weak (talking to you XM8). BFBC also features an award system simliar to COD4s challenges, but the awards have a bit more personality to them. The awards are divided into 3 groups, Trophies, Patches, and Wildcards. Trophies are the easiest to get, patches require multiple trophies, and wildcards are just for random stuff. Unlocking the awards is just plain fun, and adds some replayability to multiplayer.

Overall Battlefield: Bad Company is a phenominal game, and every ascpecting of it is pretty awesome. The singleplayer is far better than the previous Battlefield single player expierinces but it definitely wont blow you away. The multiplayer is simply amazing, and makes up for singleplayers shortcomings, but seriously, when have you ever played Battlefield for singleplayer?


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