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    Big Ben

    Character » appears in 14 games

    Rotund fire-breathing enemy from Streets of Rage.

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    The overweight behemoth with the lousy fashion sense was a fixture of the Streets of Rage series, appearing in every game. As a boss in Streets of Rage 1, his most notable traits were his fire breathing and that he was so heavy that any attempt to throw him would result in the player being squashed beneath his monstrous girth.

    Returning in Streets of Rage 2, Dwight lost much of his intimidation factor thanks to the loss of deep, menacing looking shadows on his face, becoming susceptible to throws, getting demoted to sub-boss/tough grunt status and the naff looking hat that he now wore.

    In Streets of Rage 3, he had his old throw immunity restored (though, strangely enough, Skate can still throw him successfully), while gaining a new roll attack and the awesome ability to throw red-headed midgets (Galsia) at the player.

    Like most recurring enemies, Big-Ben's twins usually sport alternate colours and different names, the most interesting of which is "Heart" a likely nod to the overweight villain from the Fist of the North Star franchise.


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