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    Dr Zan

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    Dr Zan is a playable character in Streets of Rage 3. He uses his cyborg body to fight against the syndicate, which he was once part of. His most distinctive trait is his long arms, with which he can shock opponents from afar.

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    Dr. Zan is a cyborg who debuted in Streets of Rage 3 as a new playable character, replacing the wrestler Max from the previous game. Zan is a scientific researcher who worked for the company RoboCy, but left upon learning of their connections to the criminal Syndicate, and their plan to replace important officials with robot duplicates. Fearing that his connection to RoboCy would make the police uncooperative towards him, he instead turned to Blaze Fielding's private investigation firm for help in stopping the Syndicate's scheme.

    While Blaze did agree to help Zan, and allowed him to join her usual allies on the streets, the rest of the team don't trust him entirely.

    While his size and status as a replacement for Max might seem to denote Zan as the power bruiser of the team, he is actually a rather fast character and while strong, his standout asset is probably his fantastic reach, which often allows him to attack enemies before he enters their range. Using his cyborg body, he can also electrocute opponents, or ram them. Zan has an unusual way of using weapons - no matter what he picks up, the item immediately becomes a glowing orb which he can use to hurl at enemies from a distance.


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