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    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 18, 2010

    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow continues the story of the original Blue Dragon and incorporates new gameplay mechanics and delves further into the plot and characters of the original.

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    The events of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow takes place two years after the original Blue Dragon game. You create the main character and can customize their gender, appearance, voice, emblem and name. The main character awakens in the same ancient ruins as the two main antagonists, Jyun and Ganda, who bear a resemblance to the previous games' antagonist Nene.  With no memory of how he/she got there or of their past, the main character leaves the ruins and begins their adventure.

    The game features a 3D overhead world with a rotatable camera fixed in eight directions. There are occasional FMV sequences as well as voice acting but the majority of dialogue is text. There is a crafting system where you combine different objects to make new items or make existing items more powerful.

    Beyond changing the appearance of the main character during creation, armor and weapons also change his/her appearance. The emblem you create has no bonus effects but other emblems can be earned which change your stats and other effects.

    The main character and party members do not level up but the shadows they wield do, gaining stat increases and new powers.
    There is multiplayer when you and up to two friends can join together to face more difficult bosses in the cube world.


    Combat is much different than in either Blue Dragon or Blue Dragon Plus and is real-time action based.  The player has a basic attack, charge-up skills and can block or roll for defense. You can have up to two other party members but have no control over their actions. The combat utilizes positioning and encourages flanking your opponents for extra damage.

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