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    Bobby Zilch

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    Sporting a giant orange afro, Bobby Zilch is the bully of the Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.

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    Bobby Zilch, the bully of Whispering Rock, loves to torture and tease the other children at the camp. From the moment Raz shows up at camp, he targets him for special abuse. He will sometimes prevent Raz from reaching certain areas by pushing him whenever he gets near. He is also seen to have no problems with being cruel to animals, as he will catch fish psychically and watch them flop around on the docks. Bobby has an enormous orange afro, and a mouth with a ragtag assortment of browning, dirty, and uneven teeth, yet he still makes fun of other children for their appearances.

    Bobby is often accompanied by his perpetual follower and yes-man, Benny 'The Nose' Fideleo.

    References in other games

    Bobby's characteristic hand turning-dance dancemove was referenced in other Double Fine games. One of the bandmembers in the intro to Brutal Legend did the dance while falling of the of the set and the handmotion is avaliable as a salute in Iron Brigade.


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