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    Dogen Boole

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    Dogen Boole is one of the children attending Whispering Rock Summer Camp in the game Psychonauts. He possesses very powerful mental powers that he has not learned to harness yet, so he wears a tinfoil hat.

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    Dogen Boole is a new camper at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. He tends to believe the scary stories older campers tell him and can cry when frightened. He hasn't harnessed his psychic abilities yet so he wears a special tinfoil hat to prevent people around him from having their heads explode. Dogen was the first character in Psychonauts to have his brain taken away by Dr. Loboto.

    Quotes from the Game

    During the Beginning Cutscene

    (Raz pops out of the bushes, frightening the children)
    Dogen: Please don't kill us lake monster!

    After the Beginning Cutscene

    (Dogen and Raz are sitting on the steps outside of their cabin)
    Dogen: Wowie, you're so lucky you get to go home soon.
    Raz: Home?  Back there I was just like you were Dogen, punished by my own family for having powers I never asked for.  But here, I have a chance to be somebody, to make a difference.  They may come for me Dogen, but they will be looking for Raz, the boy.  But what they're going to find, what they don't expect, is Raz, the Psychonaut.
    Dogen: And then you will make their heads explode?
    Raz: No!  ...Do you do that?
    Dogen:  Well yeah, kinda but now I wear this special hat.  Do you want to try it on?
    Raz: No no no...

    Outside Basic Braining

    (Dogen is surrounded by three squirrels and appears terrified of them)
    Dogen: I'm telling you for the last time no.  I would never do that.  I could never... kill everyone.
    (Raz walks up)
    Dogen: Oh, hi Raz.
    Raz: Squirrel trouble?
    Dogen: Whatever they tell you it's a lie.
    Raz: I'll take your word for it.  You going to class (Basic Braining)?
    Dogen: Yeah, I'll meet you up there, as soon as I get these guys to shut up.
    (Dogan starts talking to the squirrels again)
    Dogen: Shut up, I am not... I wouldn't, I'm not going to do that.
    (Raz walks away)
    (Dogen suddenly smiles)
    (Large chunks of fiery squirrel fall from above as Dogen continues to smile)

    On Whispering Rock's Beach

    (Dogen walks out of the lake fully clothed with a blank face)
    Raz: Dogen!  Are you okay?  I had the strangest machine induced dream about you!
    Dogen: ...TV?
    Raz:  Well first of all Sasha Nein invited me down to his secret lab and...
    Dogen: TV?
    (Raz looks in Dogen's ear and sees out his opposite ear)
    Raz: He's completely brainless!  The dream was true!  Dogen, don't worry, I know where your brains are.  They're in like this crazy dream thron bush straight jacket tower place.
    Dogen: Hackey sack?
    Raz: You go to the TV lounge, I'm on the case.  I just need a little more advanced training to prepare...

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