Brusher's Pike

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    Fearless Caelondian huntsmen used the business ends of these beauties to probe the capabilities of the flora and fauna lurking beyond the City Walls.

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    The Brusher's Pike is a melee weapon found in the Wilds in Bastion. While primarily melee focused, the Pike can be thrown like the War Machete. The Pike has a long reach, allowing the Kid to damage foes from a safe distance. Like many ranged weapons in Bastion, the Pike features a "power shot" damage bonus for precisely timed throws.


    Like every weapon in Bastion, the Brusher's Pike is upgradeable. There are 5 tiers of upgrades, with 2 options for every tier. The upgrades are listed below:

    EffectOption 1Option 2Effect
    +15% Critical Hit ChanceReinforced ShaftHollowed Shaft+50% Faster Throw Reload
    +50% Critical Hit DamageHunting GripBattle GripThrust Attacks Cause Knockback
    +20% Faster Thrust AttacksBrusher BindingsUra BindingsThrow Attacks Can Stun
    +50% DamageHeavy CounterweightLight Counterweight+50% Faster Throw Reload
    Attacks Ignore ArmorBarbed SpearheadSplitter Spearhead+1 Spear Per Throw

    Narrator Quote: "Gives you space to defend yourself from those nasties in the wilds."


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