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    Scrap Musket

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    A mass-produced version of the very first Caelondian firearm, said to be a true terror. It belches searing clouds of jagged metal.

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    The Scrap Musket is a ranged, wide-angled weapon in Bastion. The musket acts much like a modern day shotgun, packing more power up close, with a large spread. It can only be shot once before reloading, but that shot will have a "knockback" effect on enemies, giving The Kid some time to recover.


    Like every weapon in Bastion, the Scrap Musket is upgradeable. There are 5 tiers of upgrades, with 2 options for every tier. The upgrades are listed below:

    EffectOption 1Option 2Effect
    +50% Range
    -50% Spread
    Rifled BarrelSmoothbore Barrel+35% Spread
    -15% Range
    +15% DamageHeavy ShellsImpact ShellsShots Cause Greater Knockback
    Reduced Penalty to Long-Range DamageTactical ShockAssault Shock+33% Faster Reload
    +15% DamageReinforced ChamberExpanded ChamberShots Cause Greater Knockback
    Fire Two Shots at OnceCael FlintlockUra FlintlockShots Cripple Foes

    Narrator's Quote: "Somethin the windbag's can't handle. Somethin that'll punch clean through their greasy hides."


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