Cael Hammer

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    Heavy-duty hammers such as this constructed Caelondian's famous Rippling Walls, and protected them from elements and foes alike.

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    The Cael Hammer is the first weapon that The Kid uses in Bastion. It is the only melee-only weapon in Bastion: unlike the War Machete, it cannot be thrown. Instead, it deals the most damage out of any melee-centric weapon in the game. The hammer does more damage when The Kid is more stationary, presumably because he can put more power behind using the heavy weapon.


    Like every weapon in Bastion, the Cael Hammer is upgradeable. There are 5 tiers of upgrades, with 2 options for every tier. The upgrades are listed below:

    EffectOption 1Option 2Effect
    +50% DamageSledge HeadBattle Head+10% Critical Hit Chance
    New Ability: Focus AttackExtended GripReverse GripUppercut Attacks Cause Knockback
    +50% DamageAlloy ShaftCraftsman Shaft+100% to Critical Hit Damage
    Attacks Ignore ArmorCheckered FaceBell FaceOverhead Strikes Can Stun
    +75% DamageCael EngravingsUra Engravings+25% Critical Hit Chance
    +150% to Critical Hit Damage

    Narrator Quote: "The Kid's life long friend. Just found it lying there after the Calamity."


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