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Ghastly 0

Call of Duty: Ghosts requires fifty gigabytes of free space to install. Fifty. Five-zero. It also requires DirectX 11 support, though you'd never know it at a glance. The first time I attempted to run it on my home PC, it opened on the wrong monitor, and wouldn't allow me to use my monitor's native 1920 x 1080 resolution until I had manually edited text configuration files in the game's installation directory. Once I got that sorted, the picture was muddy, blurred, and the game dropped frames co...

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After Black Ops II, Ghosts can't help but feel like a step back in a series in need of some new ideas 0

When you sell as many units each year as Call of Duty you can make the argument that change isn’t needed. After the branching, futuristic narrative and occasional shift to a multi-approach combat model in Black Ops II, however, it wouldn’t be foolish to expect this sudden series progression to continue or at least maintain parity, especially with a new generation of consoles ripe for the taking. Instead, Call of Duty: Ghosts is made to look the fool, squandering its chance to evolve ...

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In space, no one can hear Eminem scream 0

I lift the scope to my eye, centre it on the masked man hiding under the burnt-out truck north of my location, and breathe in. I pull the trigger. CRACK! The bullet fires from my rifle, piercing the man’s cranium with a splash of blood and bone. I reload. CLICK! Another man appears from the blasted remains of a nearby strip club. I repeat my earlier actions, resulting in another corpse not ten feet from the first. To the left of my vision, some poorly spelled words appear: “GTFO campper u nooble...

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review: Ephemeral Appeal 0

Well, it finally happened. After eight years of annualized releases, the Call of Duty franchise under Infinity Ward’s guidance has reached a point of entropy – a point of stagnation where its marginal improvements no longer set the series apart from shooters that rode Modern Warfare’s coattails. In fact, Call of Duty: Ghosts proves that, by removing a branching narrative and confounding the Pick 10 multiplayer system of Black Ops II, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.Think he's regretting th...

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Infinity Ward's weakest COD. It's fun, but no masterpiece. 0

Before I begin, let me just point out that Infinity Ward IS the creator of the "Call of Duty" franchise. Before they created their masterpiece "Modern Warfare" for game consoles, the developers had made the very first "Call of Duty" in 2003 strictly for the PC. An acclaimed WW II FPS, COD was an alternative to its PC brethren "Battlefield" and "Medal of Honor". Infinity Ward made a sequel in 2005 which was also released on the XBOX 360 to great acclaim. When MW was released in 2007, the series e...

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Why? 0

I'm a hypocrite. Call of Duty has been dead to me since MW2, a game I hated with a passion. Black Ops, MW3, Black Ops 2, have done nothing to change that. Yet I have put countless hours into these games, MW3 and BO2 especially. One of the main reasons, is the fact that my friends insist that the online is worth playing, even though they rage as much as I do. I really disliked BO2, but it had a great campaign, and the addictiveness of zombies to keep me around. This one...doesn't.Lets start with ...

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A good game for the online multiplayer fans but for avid gamers there is better toast hidden elsewhere. 0

One day while I was perusing my twitter feed to an astonishingly growing number of spam messages and mentions I came across a tweet by a user who couldn't believe that I stuttered AND I had a brain. I guess his delusion that stutterers being mentally bullwhipped were short lived by my existence and my twitter feed spat out that I was playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox. Yes, some mechanic of thought is required to point and shoot, which was astonishing to him.After he asked me a series of s...

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This is a rewiew of Call of duty ghost. 0

Call of Duty: Ghosts Game Features:Players: 1-2Co-Op: 2-6Online Multiplayer: 2-123 GB Install Required to Play Game5 MB to Game SaveHDTV 720p/1080i/1080p.As I looked over Activision’s ‘Destiny’ and ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ booths at E3 this year one thing jumped out and slapped me in the face: Destiny hauled in a crap load of E3 awards while Ghosts had none. Not one award at E3. Okay, maybe one award for “best use of a dog in a game”, but when it comes to somewhat meaningful awards Ghosts was goos...

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Excuses to leave optimized. 0

More detailed writing coming but I felt it necessary to point out things about the PC version that would have prevented me from purchasing the game at launch. I have loved the CoD series and have avidly played every previous game online with MW2 being my favorite, clocking in over 200 hours. I personally only play on PC online for controlling reasons and one of the most important things to point out is how with the new consoles are coming out, the team used this as an excuse to reduce the amoun...

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Alternate history certainly repeats. 0

Call of Duty: Ghosts is as competent of a wheel-spin as you could hope for. The CoD series had been teetering on the brink of stagnation for a while, and Ghosts is really where the wind appears to have come out of the sails a little bit. The single-player campaign is perhaps the most inventive part of the package, offering the kinds of ridiculous set-pieces that the series does extremely well. Huge space missiles, levels that switch between the perspectives of an invading force and the air suppo...

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