Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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    The last installment of the Modern Warfare trilogy brings World War 3 to the world of Call of Duty. While the U.S., British, and French armed forces try to push back the Russian invasion, the disavowed Task Force 141 begin their hunt for international terrorist Vladimir Makarov.

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    Modern Warfare Continues


    Modern Warfare 3 is the latest Call of Duty game by Infinity Ward, along with some other developers this time around. It's been debated by developers and fanboys if the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield will claim shooter of the year honors. Does Modern Warfare 3 stand up against Battlefield 3? Yes and No.

    Let's start with the single player. The story picks up hours after the end of Modern Warfare 2. Captain Price is desperately trying to save Soap, while a world war between the United States and Russia is escalating. Meanwhile Makarov, the man who started the war, is making his final play to claim ultimate victory. This time around, you do most missions with is a Delta Force team, and a now rouge Taskforce. Missions happen all around the world, from Somalia Africa to Paris France. The story is filled with scripted moments that are really well done and keep you interested in the action. Fighting through a sand storm in the African dessert. Gun-fighting in a Presidential plane as it crashes. These are just some of the epic moments you'll experience playing the campaign. If you're been a fan of the storyline, which started in the original Modern Warfare, then you'll like how the storyline concludes. All the loose ends that were left in the last two games, gets tied by the end of the campaign. You'll be satisfied when the ending credits roll.

    After the game ends, you'll be told to play Spec-Ops mode. This mode is not much different from the Modern Warfare 2 version. You play different challenges in different areas to earn points. While you can play this mode solo, it's best when you play with a partner. You'll play though different challenges, mostly survival types, and earn cash you can spend to upgrade your soldier.

    Modern Warfare 3, gives you more great scripted moments.
    Modern Warfare 3, gives you more great scripted moments.

    Just like Spec-Ops, the main mulit-player is more of the same, with different fixes here and there. This is ultimately the problem with Modern Warfare 3. The game doesn't push the envelope in gaming development. You just get more of what you're use too. Now if you love Call of Duty's multi-player, then you'll enjoy the lasted revision of it. However, if you were expecting the wheel to be reinvented again, then you might be disappointed.

    The graphics and sound don't have much of an upgrade either. The same player models, the same environment designs, the same weapon types. If you played a Modern Warfare game, then you'll know what to expect. One cool addition to the weapons, is the ability to use different attachments that are already on the weapon. For example, a sniper scope on an assault rifle you can toggle off and on. The sound is more of the same as well. The music is more of the intense Hollywood quality stuff you're use too, and the sound is decent enough.

    Some characters you'll get to know.
    Some characters you'll get to know.

    In conclusion, Modern Warfare 3 is another Call of Duty game. If you enjoy the series of games, then you'll want to pick this up. If you're looking for the next innovative step by Infinity Ward, then you'll need to wait till maybe the next game.

    Having played both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, I'll give you my fan based conclusion. If you like a good single player, pick up Modern Warfare 3. If it's all about multi-player for you, then pick up Battlefield 3. While this latest version of Call of Duty doesn't beat Battlefields 3's multi-player, it still retains it's crown with the single player, which if you remember was one of the most praised things about the original Modern Warfare.

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