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    Carbuncle is a recurring mascot of the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series, along with their respective spin-offs.

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    Carbuncle is a character that debuted in the Madou Monogatari series. He is a rabbit-like creature who originally belonged to Satan, but follows Arle Nadja after the conclusion of Madou Monogatari II. He served as the mascot of Madou Monogatari, Puyo Puyo, and eventually Compile itself.

    Carbuncle danced around during Puyo matches in the early games of the Puyo Puyo series, but begins battling himself starting with Puyo Puyo Sun. He, along with Arle, are the only Madou-era characters in Puyo Pop Fever and Fever 2. His theme in 20th Anniversary is Puyo Pop Fever's Free Battle theme, which itself is based on Puyo Puyo Tsu's First Floor/Verses BGM.

    Carbuncle is retained in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, a reskinned version of the first Puyo Puyo game, but his name is changed to Has Bean. He is described as "one of the jollier beans" of Beanville who is eventually roboticized by Robotnik.


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