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    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Feb 17, 2011

    The first game developed by Atlus for the PS3/Xbox 360. Made by the Persona Team, The game is an "adult oriented" action-adventure/horror game with puzzle platforming stages.

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    Catherine: A Late, But Great Entrance to the HD Party 30

    Atlus has a habit of seriously biding its time before making its debut on most console platforms. Save for a few exceptions here and there, it's not usually a matter of if Atlus will develop a game for a given system, but rather when. In Catherine's case, that wait has been particularly long, with its release coming five years after the Xbox 360's debut heralded the coming of HD games en masse. With that arrival finally having come, Catherine continues Atlus' lengthy legacy for philosophically c...

    82 out of 88 found this review helpful.

    Puzzle Gameplay + Mature Themes = Good, but a little messy. 0

    Catherine has been out for a while in Japan, and us Americans (and Europeans) have been eagerly awaiting for it to see the light of day with English voice work and on our store shelves.  Finally, we get to experience the magic (and faults) of it.   Catherine stars Vincent Brooks, a 32 year old man who has been in a relationship with a girl named Katherine for a large amount of years. So many that he can't even remember.  So, you may be thinking, "Why is it called Catherine with a C, when his gi...

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    One long nightmare 2

    Catherine is two things; a puzzle game and an interactive anime, and in my 15 hours or so with it I was forced to conclude that in both these dimensions, Atlus have produced something of a stinker.Catherine tells the tale of Vincent; a relatively charm-free and rather witless young man, and his peculiar love life. I say peculiar as it baffled me as to how any sane woman would be interested in this way-faced little twit, but sure enough we are introduced to Katherine, his long time and one presum...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    An amazing high concept title 1

    One of the problems with video games these days is the cry for something new and original. When you've played the same military shooter for the umpteenth time, the action tends to get a little stale. However, with every release of a game that manages to do something different, it often becomes a commercial failure - despite being a critical success. Games like Shadows of the Damned and Katamari Damacy did their best to offer the original gaming people have asked for, but in the end if it ain't C...

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    It's Not For Everyone, But Some Will Fall in Love With Catherine 1

    For every pile of generic action games and cookie-cutter first person shooters, there comes along a game like Catherine. A game that stands out from the crowd and can rightfully call itself unique. Catherine accomplishes this by offering an intriguing premise and challenging puzzle focused gameplay. It’s bizarre elements are certainly not for everyone, and may prove too difficult for some, but those willing to give Catherine a chance and conquer the punishing parts will find an experience they w...

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    Love Is Over? 0

    Catherine is definitely not your everyday video game. This is not a game that incorporates the conventional themes you'll see in most games today, but more about what themes that are rarely used in this medium of entertainment. You're not playing as a character that eventually becomes a hero. Instead, you're playing someone that struggles to deal with maturity, love, and freedom as he tries to figure out what is right for him now and his future. The Persona team at Atlus are able to tackle such ...

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    A Beautiful Journey! 0

    Catherine is a special game in many ways. Undoubtedly, if you’re interested in this game, but really know nothing about it, then the the fact that it has sexy ladies on the covers must have grabbed your attention. Upon first glance you may think this is some hentai game made somewhere deep in Japan, but it has some real pedigree behind it, in the form of Atlus’s Persona team, and like those games, what you’ll find here is a life/love sim game mixed in with a crazier supernatural gameplay element...

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    Catherine Review ( 8 out of 10) 0

    Developed by Atlus, Catherine has made the jump to the U.S markets from Japan where it was known as キャサリン Kyasarin. What we got here is a treat for both fans of anime and for those who are looking for something different, because this is something you never played before. Catherine, is about Vincent who works in the tech industry and spends late nights with his friends at a bar. Vincent's love life revolves around his girlfriend Katherine (That’s Katherine with a “K”) who he has been dating for ...

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    A Lot of Potential Unfulfilled 0

    Because Persona 3 and Persona 4 were such deeply loved games, I think everyone wanted to see what Atlus was going to do once it finally developed a game for modern consoles. After finishing Catherine, I didn't think it was quite the debut the company was hoping to make with its first product on current-generation hardware. I was actually a little surprised because most of my worries before the game's release didn't bother me at all in the final product. However there are other issues I had with ...

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    Don't deprive yourself of Catherine. 0

    I agree with Jeff 95% of the time and Catherine is the other 5%. I had an absolutely amazing time with it from beginning to end, I just never wanted to put down the controller until my body forced me to go to sleep.Seeing as how Jeff liked Persona 4 so much, I don't recognize why he doesn't seem to be into Catherine. They both have a similar appeal - if you like well-written stories in games and making tough decisions that result in multiple endings, this game is for you.You can find this game n...

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    A Smoking Hot Sadist 0

    Many months ago I witnessed my first trailer for the game Catherine. I found myself entranced by its Persona art style and interested in the mature anime aura it exuded. I had grown quite fatigued by JRPGS and felt that Japanese developed games were feeling stagnate and dated with no innovation to be found. The more I learned about the Catherine the more I wanted it — even though I knew going in that it was a challenging puzzle game with dating sim aspects. I have never found dating sims t...

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    A Bitter Relationship 0

    I love video games. I do. We've been together for a long time now, probably bordering on fifteen years. And while those years have been filled with joy, heartbreak, and triumph, I have to be honest: Video games, you've been getting boring. You just don't live in the moment like you used to! Remember the good old days of the SNES and Genesis, when you were so eager to please with new innovations like Mode 7 graphics and crazy gameplay gimmicks? Or how about the Playstation days, when it seemed a ...

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    Catherine Review: Love and Mutton 0

    Catherine is a rare breed of game, and one that is different from just about anything else that I have played. This first foray by Atlus into the HD era of games combines puzzle gameplay with anime and a dose of Japan that is fitting for the developer of Persona, but Catherine has more issues than one may expect from this developer.Vincent is a miserably weak individual, and doesn't really deserve any of these peopleCatherine puts players in the role of Vincent Brooks, a 32 year old guy in a re...

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    Love it or hate it, it's a relationship that just might be worth diving into 0

    Atlus is a brave publisher. Almost two years ago they brought Demon's Souls over to the States, where it became a cult hit of sorts. This year they've taken another big risk in bringing Catherine over. However, Catherine is almost nothing like Demon's Souls. Well, except for it's every bit as challenging.At it's core Catherine is a puzzle game. You rearrange various blocks with the intention of climbing all the way to the top of the level to escape. You play as Vincent, an indecisive man who's l...

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    A Puzzling Relationship 0

        Catherine has a lot going for it.  It's got the same quirky characterization as the incredibly popular Persona 4, and shares that game's same penchant for high concept and style.  Like its titular titillating temptress, it’s incredibly alluring from face value alone.  However, thanks to a story whose oddness borders on the inane, and gameplay that can get a tad TOO procedural, Catherine isn't a game that everyone can enjoy on the same level.STORY The tale of Catherine follows 32-year-old V...

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    Catherine the Great 0

    Finally the next game from the Persona Team, am I right? Well, if you’re coming into this game expecting something along the lines of Persona then you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed. It’s not really your fault if you’ve been mislead either; they’ve labeled “Persona Team!” all over this game. It’s even in the art book that comes with it. Of course, it probably wasn’t their intention to trick you into thinking that Catherine was a game along the same level as Persona, but it’s easy to mist...

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    A Risque Story That Needed More Risk 0

    The premise for Catherine seems to come right out of the mind of @petermolydeux, the Molyneux twitter imposter: A game where fast-paced Zelda block pushing puzzles serve as a metaphor for the main character's relationship issues. By drinking with his friends at the bar, he will be able to slowly articulate and, ultimately, progress in his relationship(s). At least, that's the ideal. The result is not quite so elegant nor as cohesive, but it hits enough of those points to remain interest...

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    Catherine Review 0

    Note:1. The game is rated out of 5 stars, no half stars.2. This is a review of the PS3 version.3. The overall score is not mathematically derived from the scores of the different components reviewed.Catherine is 2/3 block-puzzle, 1/3 dating-simulation developed & published by Atlus. The promotions leading up to the release of this M rated game presented a provocative tail of sex & nightmare. However, the actual product is much more tamed and leave a lot more to be desired.Story: 3/5You p...

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    Big Disappointment 0

    This game sums up a lot of what is wrong with console games. This looked like it was a light Sims type game, where you made dialog choices and it would affect the overall story. What you end up getting with this is a bunch of jump puzzles with unresponsive controls. On top of the out-of-place, bad, loud arcade action, there are very few interesting story choices. It pretty much seems to be on cruise control with very little in the way of divergent story. I played about 4 hours and realized the ...

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    And nitwits dream of electric sheep. 0

    So I had recently been approached with the opportunity to write video game reviews for a website targeting teenage girls. Two thoughts popped into my head; one is that I can continue to procrastinate on editing that Spiderman Edge of Crap review I typed up weeks ago. Secondly, this would be a good chance to go reflect on my experience with this summer’s romance conspiracy puzzler, Catherine. After all, if there’s one thing teenage girls despise, its unfaithful men. Likewise, they may also like b...

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    For the right guy, Catherine has a lot to offer 0

    "This really isn't my kind of crowd."So mumbles Catherine, out on the edges of Surround Sound, just before she appears at Vincent's table, a lingerie-clad embodiment of the young man's yearning to let go of the responsibilities and stresses of grownup life and return to living carefree. And many gamers may really feel that she's right - Atlus's bizarre romantic-horror-puzzle-action game already has a track record of disappointing or frustrating players who... well... just aren't into what it has...

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    Catherine Review 0

    Catherine is a game worthy of purchase. Vincent Brooks is weak and uncertain. His posture, crooked and slumped, reflects his low opinion of himself. It is through Vincent that the player experiences Catherine, Atlus’ latest pseudo-RPG about love, deceit and the choice of when to ascend from child to man.The premise of Catherine isn't unique to games. It finds Vincent Brooks, a thirty-two year old who is confused as to how time slipped by, in a committed relationship with Katherine, an attractive...

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    A game unique in its kind 0

    It’s been a year since Atlus released their controversial game, Catherine. While only being available in Japan at the time, the story and difficulty level of Catherine gained a lot of attention quickly and a localization effort was made to bring the title to Western audiences. American regions were blessed a few months later, with the US release in July. Now, 12 months after the original, the game is finally available for European audiences. Publisher Deep Silver made the smart move of picking t...

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    Wheres the wow factor? 0

    I had a real hard time getting through Catherine, and I'm not talking about the gameplay. The whole entire time I played Catherine I couldn't help but think to myself, "Why am I even bothering?" At first, Catherine seems pretty interesting with its story, but quickly starts to fade away when you start to realize your playing a douche who doesn't deserve either girl. The gameplay itself had my attention for a little while, but that started to fade when I figured it out, this is the only way you c...

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    The gameplay holds back a potentially awesome game 0

    Catherine is a game that everyone should play, but maybe not buy. There is an amazing story and storytelling method in it. Sadly, the game's impact is weighed down by climbing block towers which is boring, tedious, and frustrating.Catherine starts off with men dying constantly dying on the news of mysterious circumstances. The main character Vincent is having weird dreams, because he's cheating on his girlfriend Katherine. He later finds out that all the men who've died were also cheating and ha...

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    Not a fan of the puzzles, but the stuff surrounding is worth it. 0

    I don’t know the best way to describe how the game plays.It’s part puzzler.There are blocks that you push and pull in an attempt to arrange them in such a way that you can climb to the top of the level and reach the exit.Blocks can have different properties. For instance there’s a heavy block that is much slower to move than a regular block, there’s an ice block that could potentially slide you to your death should it be near enough to the edge and there’s a spring block capable of bouncing you ...

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    Catherine Review 0

    In the game Catherine you get to act out a very dark and twisted soap opera of sorts. You will be playing the part of Vincent a man scared of commitment and yet in a long term relationship with a girl named Katherine. It isn't until Katherine starts pushing that the story begins, along with the nightmares. Soon after the discussion of marriage starts to heavily weigh into the conversation Vincent meets a beautiful blond at his favorite watering hole, the Stray Sheep. This is where the real fun b...

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    Catherine is a Flawed but an Amazing Experience 0

    The fact that Catherine seeks to blend a dating simulation and a puzzle game into one experience almost makes this worth checking out in itself. However, the real question remains: did the team behind Persona 4 make a compelling video game out of such a crazy idea? The answer is a resounding yes!Catherine is about Vincent, an average Joe struggling to find his place in the world and figure out exactly what he wants out of life. The game opens up with him engaged in a long term relationship with ...

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    A piss the bed nightmare if there ever was one 0

    It’s weird how playing a lot of one particular game can affect your mind. It’s there when you close your eyes, it mingles with your dreams, and your thoughts just seem to pass through the game’s perspective. This is actually called the Tetris effect, coined when people played a lot of Tetris and couldn’t help but think about shapes for the time afterwards. They would ponder over their plans for the day and it would feel like T and L shaped blocks forming in their head.Vincent’s case is a little ...

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