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Look at those detailed characters! 0

When Contra was announced to be comming to XBLM(Which was a really long time ago)I was pretty excited.I still play the original Contra at my Aunt's, one because it's freaking awesome and two, the only other console she has is a PS2 in which she only has Prince of Persia and a lot of Final Fantasy games.So the date finally came around on November 8, 2006.I could finally play some old-school Contra on my 360.At first, this game is the same as the original, which could be good or bad.I personally t...

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One of the best games EVERRR 0

As many already know, Contra is one of the best games of all time.  A game that used to entertain me and my older brothers for hours in the late 80's and early 90's holds it entertainment value 20 years later.  If this game reminds you of your childhood as much as it does for me, or if you've never played this game and are looking for a classic, then I suggest buying this game.  Thanks to Xbox Live it is possible to purchase not only a great game, but a piece of gaming history....

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One Of The Best Examples Of How To Use NES Hardware: Contra 0

If you're a European gamer, you'll know this as Probotector, but don't let that stop you from getting this game. What you see here is the best example of how the use the NES' hardware. Although Contra is weaker on the NES compared to it's arcade brother, Contra on NES is probably one of the most visually outstanding Nintendo games ever. From the minute you start the game, you'll know this game is different. For starters, there are far more enemies on the screen at once compared to other NES gam...

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Spread 'Em 0

Glockstar Armani present this game with a *GLOCKIE* award for:*BEST GAME OF 1987*If I were Dan Brown, I would set to work writing a novel called "The Konami Code", in which Tom Hanks finds a murdered video game enthusiast and follows a series of clues to discover that Shigeru Miyamoto hid a bunch of religious conspiracies in his video games. Shit, that would be an AWESOME book!Contra is one of those games that is unanimously agreed upon to be one of the greatest of its time. On the Nintendo Boar...

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Best action game on the NES 0

With an aesthetic towards ALIENS (1986) and every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of the same era, Contra NAILS the art-style and follows it up with rock solid gameplay that is always fair, sometimes maddening, but certainly a delight to play. Two-player co-op definitely makes the game tougher, but with the infamous "up up down down" Konami code, even the less-skilled players can get an edge and see all of the various and distinct locations. I was one of those kids who played the game so much wit...

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