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Look at those detailed characters!

When Contra was announced to be comming to XBLM(Which was a really long time ago)I was pretty excited.I still play the original Contra at my Aunt's, one because it's freaking awesome and two, the only other console she has is a PS2 in which she only has Prince of Persia and a lot of Final Fantasy games.So the date finally came around on November 8, 2006.I could finally play some old-school Contra on my 360.

At first, this game is the same as the original, which could be good or bad.I personally thought the original was very near perfect so this 360 marketplace version could probably only add enhanced graphics and co-op.And they done both of that.Now, this brings me to my next point of saying that these two things could have been better.

The co-op is good and it's still incredibly fun to grab a partner beside you and just start going crazy on those hard as hell enemies.But the online co-op could've been better.First of all it's incredibly hard to find a match.I know it's hard now because the game has been out so long, but in the first week of it's release, I remember struggling to find a good co-op match, and when I did I ended up failing out because I had a bad connection.

The graphics aren't incredibly improved but they are a little bit better than the NES version.You can notice a few little add-ons.Like the two people you see at the beginning of the game have a lot more detail then the last version.That's not something I'm gonna take into contact though.Yeah, it's more detailed but don't you think they should've worked more on the co-op then on the graphics?

All-in-all this game isn't bad, but it's not as goo as I was hoping for it to be.But hey, it's really cheap and if you are an old fan of the Contra series, or your a new guy that wants to get into the series;you should definitely check this one out.

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