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An Impressive Debut From Realtime Worlds 0

Crackdown is one of the very few free-roaming games that takes the sandbox formula and almost re-invents it entirely, fusing multiple types of gameplay together to form a game of one of its kind. Simply put, Crackdown is one of most fun experiences a sandbox game has had to offer in recent history. The one thing that might come surprising about Crackdown is how fast it drops you straight into the game, you have your basic main menu that of course lets you decide what you want to do, but the mai...

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Must have for open world/sandbox fans. 0

Crackdown is just one of those games where you just cannot wait for the sequel. Now that the basic foundations are set we just need to wait for Realtime Worlds to pick-up Crackdown where they left off and create a fantastic sequel. My reason for saying this is because the long awaited Crackdown does everything right and everything wrong. In Crackdown you are a super agent working for the mysterious Agency ordered to clear up crime for the streets of Pacific City. In order to wipe the streets cl...

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Crackdown Review 0

Crackdown was released in a time where all open-world genre games were all very similar. It seemed like all of the games were trying to cash in on what the Grand Theft Auto series had created. Luckily for us Crackdown brought something different to the table. Like all other open-world games Crackdown allows the player to explore a city and do whatever they like. But what Crackdown does different is it allows you to develop your characters skills to super-human proportions. Crackdown allows the p...

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Crackdown (the ultimate ticket to the Halo 3 beta) 0

Crackdown has many great aspects that make it fun to play, easy to pick up and hard to complete, which are most of the criteria of the best games around. At a glance crackdown may seem like one of those superhero games like spiderman, but it is so much more; the details of the cities are so intricate and the idea of upgrading different abilities in different ways because of your special suit is a new and refreshing idea and a good change from just happening because you are a super hero. The abi...

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Like repetition? Then you'll just love Crackdown... 1

 Crackdown is, for better or worse ((for worse...)), almost like an overpriced arcade game. It has basically no narrative and a shallow n simple premise but also has it self some, at best, moderatly addictive gameplay. Gameplay that will stay the same throughout the probable 15-20 hours you'd need to waste in completing this games objectives.  Crackdown puts you in the newly registered shoes of ''The Agent''. A nameless, voiceless and possibley even souless male protagonist. At the start you may...

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A unique, albeit brief take on the GTA formula 0

In the months upto release, Crackdown was touted as the successor to GTA's throne, a GTA killer if you will. Gloriously colourful and vibrant screenshots, action packed, fast paced video's. The leadup to this game was huge. And combined with the promise of a Halo3 beta entry, this game looked set to rock every action fans world.And you know what....It did.Crackdown takes place on the fictional futuristic, inter-connected island metropolis of Pacific City, set far out to sea. The stage was set fo...

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Oh The Cars You Will Throw 0

You know that game that came with the Halo 3 Beta, right? That game would be Crackdown. This is not a GTA clone. This is not a gimmick (okay, maybe it is) and it is not a bad game. Not bad at all. Now where should I start? Oh yes, the storyline... yeah there isn't much of that. Basically, you are a cop on mega-steroids and you need to kill the gangstaz. To wipe out the gangstaz from their homes, you must kill 7 bosses of each gang (there are 3 gangs) which makes 21 bosses in all. That may seem l...

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Crackdown Kicks it Old School 0

Over the past decade video games have become increasingly story driven. Not so with Crackdown. And I'm alright with that. There was no need to squeeze more of the half-baked "future-super" cop story in. Like many of the Great games of the 70's, 80's and early 90's, this game is mindless fun that doesn't feel the need to overly explain itself. You are a "future-super" cop... Now go beat the hell out of fools, kick cars, jump across skyrise rooftops and blow stuff up real good. Another point in th...

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When I make stuff 'splode, its for fun only! 0

Crackdown What does one say about this game other than the DLC is a shameless exclusion of game content for the sake of sapping your for more money.  That said, the weapons and vehicles you get for your $10 are awesome fun to play with.  I loved the superhero nature of the game, without forcing you to be a 'good' guy.   Also, the lack of any real penalty for 'missing' and blowing up civilians is pretty nice.Yeah, the police will get mad and start chasing your around like the gang hit squads will...

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Crackdown - Get this Game 0

Crackdown is a great game just to run around in. Which may look bad but that was really what I wanted out of it. If you've heard Giant Bomb talk about the game they don't seem to speak well about it which is kind of sad for me considering how much fun I had with this game. In Crackdown you are a genetically engineered cop who needs to destroy the organized crime that has become a part of every day life in this futuristic capital city of the world. There are three islands that each seem to be mod...

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Crackdown does so much right you overlook what's wrong. 0

crackdown is a gta clone. this is true, but it does things so much many ways. of course it's got that fine 360 polish to it, so it's very easy on the eyes. it does the free-roaming so well that right out of the starting gate you can take on a boss if you know how. that's a sandbox game, a real one for, the lock-on system sucks. once you manage to lock on to the right's great. zeroing in for headshots with a handgun is very's the getting to that poi...

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good mindless fun 2

Two words to describe the game Crackdown would be *mindless fun*, there is little thinking involved in this game because the game play is revolved around you monkey jumping buildings and blowing the hell out of anyone who gets in your way, whether it be friend or foe. In that aspect Crackdown does a good job providing you with a good mixture of weapons that will keep you entertained. The basic pretense of the game is that you are a super agent who is charged with ridding the city of gang infest...

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A fun superhero / GTA mashup of sorts. 0

I'm assuming most owners of Crackdown achieved that status primarily out of a burning desire to obtain Halo 3 beta codes. Though I can't say for sure, my guess is that those people who took the time to sit and play Crackdown were treated to quite a pleasant surprise. I hate to compare Crackdown to GTA, but such comparisons are inevitable. You play from a third person perspective; you have access to a city with multiple neighborhoods/islands; you can create ridiculous amounts of destruction in sh...

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Open World+Super Human Abilities=Pure Goodness 0

Crackdown is not a game for you if you want a deep, involved narrative or ultra strategic gameplay. This game is for you if you like blowing lots of shit up and jumping over buildings.This game starts out a bit slow. At first your skills wont be up to high and is more of a straight third person action game. Once you get into it though, It turns from fun into fantastic. You will be able to jump 30 feet in the air, from rooftop to rooftop, Jump your car a hundred feet in the air while doing barrel...

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Cut out "down" from "Crackdown" 0

"Crackdown" is addictive. I can't attribute it to a singular reason, but one of them has gotta be the brilliant way the developers integrated rpg elements into a free-roaming action game. As an "enforcer" for "the Agency," you are tasked with taking out a series of gangs that have infected Pacific City. You are the product of an Agency experiment to create a super-soldier with hyper-fast evolutionary abilities. Shoot enemies to increase your accuracy or punch enemies to boost your strength. The...

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A great idea spreaded far too thin 1

Crackdown has potential. But Crackdown has alot more potential then it does content. After beating Crackdown you will realize Crackdown is a great idea spreaded far too thin.In Crackdown you are basically a cop on steroids, with the ability to eventually jump 30+ feet in the air, run at a speed of about 60 miles per hour, and throw cars in the air. But before you can do all those things, you have to collect a number of agility orbs, of which there are a total of 500. But sadly, all 500 orbs aren...

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Crackdown is fun.. for a while. 0

Crackdown is a lot of fun but where there are good parts..., sadly there are bad parts.Story: I seem to vaguely get the story, you are a new protoype genetically modified cop. And somehow 3 gang have managed to take over whole islands from the law enforcement. And you have to take 'em back. Even though I vaguley understand the story, it still isn't enough to keep me intrigued. Story 3/10Graphics: An interesting graphics engine, almost cartoony in a way. Which sets the mood a little more, as you ...

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Crackdown Review. 0

This game is a very fun game that requires you to defeat 4 gangs along with their head gang members. The gangs will have bosses, who have bosses, who have the main boss. The main boss normally is in an area that you could look at and say, "I beat that's where the boss is" Crackdown doesn't really have a story line to it but you can do side missions such as rooftop races and normal driving races. You have 5 main skills which consist of agility, strength, driving, explosives and weapons. Each have...

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The Vertical element has added a whole new dimension! 0

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What was GIANT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jumping & Climbing > Never been so fun to climb up all these buildings and then jump around! Really innovative and fun to do, pretty much the m...

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Great action game with RPG elements sprinkled on top. 0

Take an open world game with lots of good explosions and gameplay, add character progression and RPG elements, stir liberally and you get Crackdown.  This is a great game that I continue to come back to every few months or so.  It's easy to pick up and play, and jumping over and around buildings is fun.I'm not a wordsmith, so all I can say is that this game is definitely worth the money and will provide several hours of fun....

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For Everyone Who's Ever Wanted to Blow Up Their Sandbox 0

Say what you like about Grand Theft Auto, the game that spawned the open-world genre of video games. Whatever your opinion of it, it did a lot of things interesting enough to spawn plenty of games that imitate the formula. Crackdown is one of those games, putting you in the character of a bio-enhanced Agent of (wait for it...) the Agency, the umbrella security/military/police force in the world of Pacific City. The Agency has got its hands full with the three gangs that are running rampant in t...

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A crack-ing game! 0

If you were to download the demo for Realtime Worlds' latest game, you would have to venture into Xbox Live's Shooter category. In reality, this game really is a whole lot more than shooting. Taking the Grand Theft Auto 3 formula and taking the term "sandbox" to a whole new level comes Crackdown. A game in which you'll enter Pacific City, which is split into three regions each with its very own bloodthirsty gang. Your mission...kill the gangs. Throw in a mysterious agency who tells you who to a...

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Oooh, shiny orbs... 0

In crackdown, you play as an ultra silent and glowing object addicted super police officer, who has been let loose to clean up a city full of racial minorities that need quelling A.K.A. gangs. These gangs have certain key members that you can take out, and this weakens certain aspects of the gang, such as if you take out the weapons dealer, the gang cannot source stronger weapons for its thugs. This leads to some interesting opportunities, but in the end the actual "story" part of this game isn'...

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Bargain Bin Review: Crackdown. 0

    Wow, what a steal this game was at $10. Crackdown is one of those hidden gems. It was a success, but not big enough of one to warrant a sequel, which is sad because the developers really laid down the ground work for what could have been a super franchise.    The story: There is none. Your genetically enhanced, please go kill these people. That's the game in a nut shell. It's allot of fun to just rampage through a city, running at high speeds, jumping over traffic, climbing onto rooftops the...

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Crackdown (Xbox 360) Review 0

Similar to GTA creator Dave Jones’ roots,Crackdown is an open world, third person hybrid of all the great things we love about video games.It has your typical sandbox style game play and manages to mix it up a bit with some platforming and RPG elements.One minute I’m cruising through Pacific City at 100 miles an hour, barrel rolling my way over ramps, and running over members of the Russian Mob. The next I find myself closing my eyes, praying I make the next rooftop building jump to pick up that...

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Simple, spirited, spectacular. 0

Following in the footsteps of Brave Fencer Musashi and Zone of the Enders, Crackdown was originally coupled with an access code to a Halo 3 multiplayer “beta” to bolster its sales.  Despite being a blast, the game stumbled into discount territory soon after its release.  Though similar games have been released before it, no game has distilled Grand Theft Auto down to its purest action moments and then soaked it in even more chaos and death in the same way as Crackdown, which is why it’s so stran...

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Simply fun gameplay makes up for lack of story and direction. 0

Well. It's good. It took time to get used to the fact that you don't grow levels in your skills as fast as you do in the demo, so you shouldn't expect to jump into the game and be leaping tall buildings in a single bound and throwing trucks at people five minutes in. Still, it doesn't take THAT long to level - so before you've even taken out the first kingpin, assuming you don't do it right away - you'll likely have leveled plenty. And thats a good thing too. Though it's advisable to take out...

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Adventurous and had great potential. 0

This game had practically no hype until it was announced it would be bundled together with a beta test invitation for one of the biggest and most anticipated game in arguably the whole gaming world. Yet it stands as a good game none the less. This game place's you as a scientifically enhanced cop in the middle of a run down city. It is your duty to eradicate each and every criminal walking the streets and make it safe for the civilians to wander in the daily life. But this is were the problem a...

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More fun than a duck on steroids 0

Crackdown is somewhat of a conundrum. A game that was first blown off as nothing but an easy way to get in on the Halo 3 beta has exploded into a wildly popular free-roam, sandbox game drawing inevitable comparisons to Grand Theft Auto and the "other" GTA spin-off for the Xbox 360, Saints Row. Amidst which, it's been able to hold its own ground quite successfully. It's also an extremely fun way to do absolutely nothing - as long as you enjoy doing nothing in particular. But once you start actual...

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Crackdown - Mindless fun 0

Crackdown, initially released back in 2007 is best summed up as a sandbox game of similar vein to GTA and clones but with a superhero twist. You play the role of a ‘Super Agent’, a genetically engineered superhero, capable of jumping as tall as a skyscraper, strong enough to lift huge trucks over his head and… uh… shoot real good. You’re tasked with cleaning up Pacific City, a metropolis choked with crime, and at the brink of going under. The gangs controlling the city aren’t open to a diplomati...

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No story equals no depth or substance 0

Crackdown takes the open world sand box concept of GTA and removes any semblance of story from it. It tries to focus exclusively on mayhem, and the result is a bland game whose objectives lack context and repetitive one-dimensional missions.The game itself has more dimensions to it, insofar as there are varied side missions, but I find that in general side missions complement the main story campaign of a game, and on that front Crackdown was completely lacking. By the end I found it almost a ted...

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Bullet Point Review: CrackDown (XB360). 0

What I liked: Orbs - Throughout CD there are balls of green and blue lights that you can collect to help boost some of your powers. And believe it or not collecting these orbs is very addictive. As I played through the game I collected 499 out of a possible 500 of these things...and do you think I can find the 500th one? Nope.  Graphics - CrackDown ditches the realistic look presented in games like GTA4, and goes with a more cel-shaded look that really suits the game. LockOn - Thank goodness th...

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Fun and Addictive 0

ProsLevel up of different abilities works great Finding orbs is very fun, have spent 5+ hours on multiple occasions just doing that Great sandbox graphics and explosions Good soundtrack, fits the game Co-op is excellent, can be very fun with a friend Very fun to fool around in the city ConsStory isn't interesting at all. Clean up the city of all the gangs. The commentators voice can get very annoying, as well as some of the gangs voice acting. PresentationGood main menu and start menu. No cut ...

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