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    Crystal Stars

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    7 crystal stars that appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They are the keys to opening The Door and they also contain power that the holder can use.

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    The Crystal Stars are the 7 objects that Mario and the gang collect in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Each star holds one of the 7 powers and they are: Earth Tremor, Clock Out, Power Lift, Art Attack, Sweet Feast, Showstopper, and Supernova. These stars come in 7 colors: diamond, emerald, gold, ruby, sapphire, garnet, and crystal. These stars are also used to access new places and if all 7 of them are earned, The Thousand-Year Door will unlock. At the end of the game, they come to help Mario during the final battle against the Shadow Queen by sending positive energy to them.

    Stars and Powers

    • Earth Tremor, the Diamond Star's special power 
      Earth Tremor, the Diamond Star's special power 
        Diamond Star: The Diamond Star is the first of 7. It can be found when Koops's Father is inside Hooktail. It's power is Earth Tremor, which can defeat ground enemies (and sometimes air enemies, too).
    • Emerald Star: The 2nd Crystal Star is the Emerald. It can do Clock Out which stops the enemies for a short time. You can find it in the Boggly Woods.
    • Gold Star: The next star of the game is the gold. When Grubba is defeated in battle at the Glitz Pit arena in Glitzville, Mario and the crew can now do Power Lift, which raises their attack and defense for a short time.
    • Ruby Star: The Ruby Star is the next star which can be found at Twilight Town. Art Attack is the special attack for this star. It can circle around all enemies.
    • Sapphire Star: The 5th star is the Sapphire Star. It is located in Keehaul Key. If you're very hurt, use the Sweet Feast ability which heals at lot more HP and FP!
    • The Garnet Star's special power, Showstopper! 
      The Garnet Star's special power, Showstopper! 
      Garnet Star
      : Next is the Garnet Star which is located in Poshley Heights. The special attack is the Showstopper which defeats all enemies instantly, ending the battle faster.
    • Crystal Star: Last, but not least is the crystal. It is located on the Moon. The 7th and final special attack is the Supernova attack which can deal up to 15 points of damage!

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