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    Rogueport is a grimy, crime-filled town that serves as the starting point for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and eventually the hub world Mario is returned to after each level.

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    Mario arrives in his Rogueport to begin his journey. Rogueport becomes the hub for The Thousand Year Door.
         A variety of species and character can be found here, including Luigi, who tells his own hilarious journey in between chapters, Toadsworth, who spends all day waiting for Princess Peach at the inn, and Toadette, who gives Mario upgraded items. The town includes a seedy East side ruled by Ishnail and the Robbo Gang and a West side ruled by the mafia-inspired Pianta Syndicate ruled by Don Pianta. The town of Rogueport features an inn, two standard shops, one badge shop, a soda bar, the Pinta Parlor, a dock for traveling to Keelhaul Key, an airport for traveling to Glitzville, a train station for traveling to Poshley Heights(the Excess Express) , and a trouble center as well as several pipes that lead to an extensive underground city. This is the ancient city of Rogueport, buried under the sea 1000 years ago.

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