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Daryan Crescend started playing second guitar for The Gavinners in the year 2019, and at an unknown time, became a detective and an Interpol agent. 
In the year 2026, the Chief Justice's son became very ill with "incuritis". One cure existed: a Borginian cocoon. These cocoons were illegal to take out of the country, and punishable by death. Daryan, being an Interpol agent, could easily find a way to get the cocoon, and he told Machi Tobaye (a young pianist and assistant to singer Lamiroir) to hide a cocoon in Klavier Gavin's imported, tightly-wrapped acoustic guitar. 
Daryan thought his plan was flawless. Since he was part of Interpol, he would never be a suspect of smuggling. He also had a backup plan: there was a small detonator inside Klavier's guitar, which was the same place the cocoon was put. Therefore, the evidence of smuggling would be burned by the explosion. However, an Interpol agent, Mr. Romein LeTouse, was aware a Borginian Cocoon was being smuggled, and traveled out of the country to find it. 
On July 26, 2026, LeTouse came to The Gavinners' "Guilty as Charged" tour, and he met Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright in Lamiroir's dressing room. LeTouse said he was Lamiroir's manager, but did not mention he was an Interpol agent. When the "Guitar's Serenade" started to play, Daryan found out LeTouse was an Interpol agent, and knew a cocoon was being smuggled. He then said, over a tranceiver, "It's over. Press the switch." This was directed at Machi Tobaye, who was playing a piano with one key being a detonator. Klavier's imported guitar caught on fire right when the lyrics said, "Burning on in my heart." This was another part of Daryan's plan: people thought it was part of the act, but in reality, the cocoon was still stuck in there, and Daryan told Machi to detonate the switch. At the same time, Daryan took LeTouse's 45-caliber revolver and fired twice. The first bullet missed LeTouse, but the second bullet made contact, and LeTouse died. Since Lamiroir was crawling in the air vents above the room while singing, the microphone picked up the sound of the first bullet being shot. Evidence of gunpowder was swept under the sofa.  
When Apollo found LeTouse in the dressing room, on his dying breath LeTouse said, "The witness is siren." By "siren" he meant "Lamiroir", but Apollo couldn't inquire further because LeTouse died right after that sentence.
When the trial began, the first suspect was Machi. His fingerprints were discovered in the air vent, meaning he might have tried to get away. Later in the trial, though, evidence began to point away from him and more towards Daryan. 
The first part was that Daryan was not in the second act, but he claimed the shooting took place in the third act. This was disproven by the recording of the performance, where one could hear a gunshot. Further evidence was pointed at Daryan when the live performance of "Guilty Love" in the third act, which was after the murder, had an off note from the second guitar. Daryan missed his cue because the kickback had hurt his shoulder. 
While Machi did not murder LeTouse, he was involved in smuggling. During the last day of the trial, Apollo Justice brought up the point that Machi would know everything about the smuggling that took place, and requested for him to be brought into the court to testify. Daryan immediately went into a panic, demanding Machi to not talk. This was taken as a confession, and Daryan was found guilty of murdering LeTouse.

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