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    Apollo Justice

    Character » appears in 4 games

    Rookie defense attorney who takes over Phoenix's role in the Ace Attorney game series.

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    Apollo is a young rookie attorney who is very passionate about law. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with his keen powers of perception. He also is very loud, because every morning he takes a "Chords of Steel" training program, which is designed to make a person's vocal chords become stronger.


    Early Life

    Apollo was born into a family of magicians. His mother was Thalassa Gramarye, daughter of the famous Magnifi Gramarye, and his father was a magician touring with Troupe Gramarye who died a year after Apollo's birth. After his father's death, he became an orphan, and his mother remarried. From this time until shortly before the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, details of his life are unknown.


    After finishing law school, he joined the Gavin & Co. Law Officees to study under the famous defense attorney, Kristoph Gavin. It was here that he met Phoenix Wright, now stripped of his attorney's badge. Apollo was specifically requested by Wright to be his defense attorney in his trial for the murder of Shadi Smith. With the help of Phoenix, Apollo won the trial, but he lost his job because Kristoph was guilty of murder.
    After the events of this case, Apollo joined what was formerly Wright & Co. Law Offices and eventually became Wright Anything Agency. There, he worked with Wright and his daughter, Trucy, who follows Apollo around as his assistant, much like Maya Fey did during Phoenix Wright's attorney career.

    In the last case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Apollo is chosen as the defense attorney for the test case of the Jurist System, a new legal system (created by Phoenix Wright) designed to restore confidence in the nation's courts by allowing a jury of six citizens to advise the Judge. Whether the Jurist System will be used in the future remains to be seen.

    Perceive System

    The Gramarye line has a special trait giving them highly advanced eyesight. Apollo inherited this trait, but did not realize it until well into his attorney career. With the help of a special bracelet that was given to him by his mother, he has the ability to detect tenseness in witnesses and spot nervous habits that people with normal eyesight would overlook. This is a major component of many trials in the game. 

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