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Dead rising returns at a bargain price, warts and all. 1

 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero pushes the boundaries of what has been attempted by downloadable content, attempting to bring dead rising 2 in microcosm to its hoards of hungry moaning fans for a bargain price. The price itself is of note, 400 microsoft points is definitely a tempting proposition and while there is plenty to love about Case Zero, there are a number of small quibbles to deal with and the design itself must be overcome.   The original dead rising included a leveling system (als...

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero - The jakob187 Review 1

 Well...shiiiiit... Upon announcement, Case Zero had folks everywhere crying out "paid demo" without a second glance, and it's a justified stance to take when you know nothing more than the few screenshots and details that were released.  When you actually delve into Case Zero, you'll find that there's a lot to do for 400 Microsoft Bogus Bucks, making this an absolute no-brainer to purchase even if you won't be playing the full retail copy of Dead Rising 2.  Rather than feeling like a demo, ...

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A marvellous value of content that also happens to be really fun! 4

Dead Rising 2 - Case Zero is a prototype of sorts. It labels itself as a demo, though it hardly matchs the criteria of what a demo gives you - least not in this current timeline of demo's. For starters you'll have to pay to play this demo, but not only are you getting more than your money's worth it's an excellent bonus to it all being of exceptionally high quality and riotously fun for a downloadable game.Note to zombies everywere: Never get in the way of any CAPCOM protagonist with a pickaxe.D...

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Is this prequel to the sequel worth your time or a quick cash-in? 0

When Capcom released the first Dead Rising, one of the main factor's of its success was the dearth of quality software soon  There are plenty of zombies to bludgeon in this new downloadable title. after the launch of the 360.  While the game was well-made and fairly popular, the Japanese developer included some design and control quirks that turned off some American players.  With a new American developer and some adjustments to the game design, Dead Rising 2 looks to bring the frantic fu...

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A day of the dead: Surviving Still Creek 0

Being a big fan of the first game I'm naturally excited about Dead Rising 2 and Case: 0 has managed to get my excitement levels through the roof.  In an interesting and rather unique manner, Case: 0 is both a demo and a well established story element to the upcoming game. The developers didn't skimp on anything with this game and it easily feels almost like they plucked a lengthy tutorial segment from a full game. Set two years after the events of DR1, and three years before DR2, Chuck Greene an...

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Short, sweet, and cheap. 0

Capcom has been taking a lot of risks with downloadable games in ways that most developers aren’t. It all began with 2008′s Bionic Commando Rearmed. Rearmed served as a high-definition refresh to the original NES cult classic, in order to prepare gamers for the big budget, full-3D Bionic Commando to be released later that year. In a number of ways, Rearmed ended up being far more critically and commercially successful for Capcom, and since then, they have sought other ways to recapture its ...

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Quick Review- Dead Rising 2: Case Zero 0

Who knew five bucks could get you so much zombie slaying action. First I need to clarify this is not only a measly "paid demo" as I've heard so many times. Sure It's short but it certainly has enough to keep you busy for a few hours and with a price tag at 400 MS points who can complain?  Well this game throws you in the shoes of Chuck Greene, a motocross professional trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in a town called Still Creek. His only company is his daughter Katie. Oh yea, did I mention...

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Survive The Undead Movement in the town of Still Creek 0

  Chuck Greene doesn't need to cover wars. He's tough enough to be in them.  Before we uncover the truth in Dead Rising 2 on September 28, Capcom and Blue Castle games have given Xbox 360 users a chance to understand the motives of Chuck Greene, and why he eventually winds up in . When Chuck makes a simple stop for gas, he unfortunately gets his truck stolen, losing his personal items which includes the last of the Zombrex, a medication that must be administered every 12 hours to suppress th...

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Why "premium demo" is such a dirty phrase. 0

   Blue Castle Games and Capcom’s bite-sized release of things to come has been both a surprise and a disappointment; I’m surprised that As in the first game, you'll be able to explore your own personal style. they managed to fit as much content and, for lack of a better word, “playability,” into a $5 purchase as they did. And it disappoints me to know that I’ll have to wait a month to get past the tip of what appears to be one hell of an iceberg.    The game starts out with Chu...

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At least it was only 5 dollars. 1

I've never been too into writing reviews, but this game is one I just couldnt avoid. After seeing gratuitous amounts of blind praise heaped upon this demo, I decided it was necessary to add a review that addressed both the good and the bad.   Good: No photography minigame: Nobody liked going around taking pictures with Frank, and now, you'll never have to again!   5 dollars: Self explanatory.  Weapon combining: An interesting mechanic to improve your weaponry. My feelings on this are kind of mi...

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More Dead Rising Fun, at a budget price! 0

In Dead Rising 2: Case 0 you play as Chuck Greene, the same protagonist in Dead Rising 2. Your first goal is to find a drug called Zombrex for your daughter, Katie. Zombrex is supposed to prevent people from turning into zombies, provided they take it every 12 hours. Soon after you start playing, Chuck ends up overhearing a government broadcast where they're talking about coming to town. Knowing that the government will take the infected Katie away to a quarantine area, he notices a motorcycle t...

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KATEY! Bring me my drill bucket! 0

Fuck! Killing zombies with a broadsword is fun! And Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has NO shortage of that. Just like in Dead Rising, killing zombies with various weapons, both useful and hilarious, is really the crux of this game. From the aforementioned broadsword to the donkey lamp, all the weapons here feel great, and have their own "charm". Plus, in DR2: CZ you can combine different items together to form absurdly awesome new weapons. Got a power drill and a metal bucket? You've got a drill bucke...

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review 0

     Dead Rising 2: Case Zero does what it sets out to do. It promotes Dead Rising 2. It's quite a different move for a game, putting out DLC before the game is even out, but it definitely works in this case. If you're excited about Dead Rising 2, or you're just curious about it, this is definitely worth it for the low $5 price tag.Dead Rising 2: Case Zero takes place about three years before the original, with the protagonist Chuck Greene stopping off at a small town called Still Creek. He i...

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Bang for you buck. 1

 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is an absolute steal at only 400 MS points. Capcom could've easily made this an 800 or possibly even a 1200 point arcade title, but it's priced extremely cheap at only 400. This is a sign from the company who brought you the first Dead Rising, a sign that they want to get this small taste of zombie huntin' goodness to every possible gamer out there so they can get pumped for Dead Rising 2. And as far as I'm concerned, mission accomplished, because I can't wait to see wh...

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Worth every point 0

Dead Rising: Case Zero is a taster level for for Capcom's Dead Rising 2. Which is released later on this year. Game is in many ways similar to  Gran Turismo Prologue games. Except that this game has a more friendly pricing.   Game is a third person perspective zombie murder sandboxes with a high comedy factor. The humor is visible on the creative ways the games items can be combined. Which then are used for almost countless ways of zombie slaughtering.   Chuck and his v(f)an(s)?  For such a...

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We Ride To Fortune City! 0

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is just a spoonful of a sample of what to expect from Dead Rising 2. And lemme tell you, that spoonful is delicious. At only 400 Microsoft Points, I do believe this game is well worth the purchase. It's cheap, fun, and gets the message across. Players won't have to have played the first Dead Rising to get a good grip of what this sequel is going to be all about. (Although, knowing some of the quirks from before really does make the experience just that much more if you a...

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Oh man, Zombies! 0

  The original Dead Rising came out way back when the 360 first released. I played the hell out of it and really loved the game even with it's crazy time constraints and wicked save system. Upon hearing about a sequel around like 4 years later, I was a little doubtful that the new game could live up to the memory of the first and if this Xbox Live Arcade prequel taste is any indication of the sequel that'll come out in a few weeks, then I'm gonna purchase the game day one.+'sZombie killin...

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This ain't no Live Demo folks! 0

Get used to that sex ass face, because you will love it. I know I have. And I'm straight. I'll give it to you straight; Chuck Greene is a sexy man. He uses duct tape, is a great father, and hates him some Zambies. My panties just dropped.For those of you that don't know, this is Dead Rising 2: Case 0, the Pre-LC to the sequel of the Dawn of the Dead-esque game Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2. It has been 3 years after Dead Rising, with no knowledge of the previous protagonist's whereabouts, or are th...

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A bite of the action to come. 0

  Two weeks before the release of Dead Rising 2 proper saw the release of what can been seen as an experimental game release. All at once a prequel, demo and stand alone arcade title exclusive to 360. Dead Rising case 0 is an interesting experiment. Allowing people to get used to dead risings new protagonist Chuck Greene and the changes due in the upcoming full dead rising 2.   Case zero is set a few years (as far as we can tell) before the events of DR2, there’s been an outbreak in chucks h...

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Quick review for a quick game. 0

This game is a departure from the typical "demo" format of game marketing.  Rather than letting you see a small, usually tutorial-laden snippet of the full game, Case Zero entices you with a unique location and story, progress that carries over into the full game, and achievements.  Well, it worked.  I never played the first game, and wasn't particularly excited for the second, but now I'm looking forward to the release of Dead Rising 2.  It's just fun to carve through wave after wave of zombies...

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The Dead Have Rose Again(!_!) 0

 Dead Rising returns in this bite size chunk.       Story (May Include Spoilers)The story involves the protagonist of Dead rising 2, Chuck Greene, who begins the game in the small desert town of Still Creek, population 753, not far from the glitz, vice, and recent zombie outbreak of Fortune City(a city that is modelled after Las Vagas). He is caring for his daughter, Katey Greene who is infected with the zombie virus (due to her infected mother biting her on her left wrist). He has a truck full ...

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5$ Zombie Slaughter? 0

 Dead Rising 2:Case 0 is a prequel to the upcoming Dead Rising 2. Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case 0 are being developed by Blue Castle Games. Dead Rising 2:Case 0 is Blue Castle’s first shot at a Dead Rising game. The big hook in Dead Rising 2 is the combo weapons that the protagonist, Chuck Greene, can make at work benches scattered around the world. Combo weapons are this games version of the photography that the first dead rising had. Case 0 has ten of the 50 combo weapons that will be ...

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review 0

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a gruesome, gory, bloody pile of value. There are those who would call it a "paid demo" but  all that is really saying is they haven't picked up the game and played it themselves, because within the first 20 minutes you will find that Case Zero is a greatly satisfying stand alone title. And for five bucks, it's practically a steal.  I should probably put that first paragraph in perspective. You will be greatly satisfied by Case Zero, if you enjoyed the first Dead Risi...

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You can't go wrong with that much Dead Rising for the price 0

   What do these zombies think of all this? Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has a bit of an odd tale to tell. Before its release, many accused it of being a paid demo for Capcom's Dead Rising 2. At first glance, that sentiment seems justified as well: for 400 Microsoft points, you can download this sneak peek of sorts at the engine and new gameplay mechanics in that upcoming zombie party game, exclusively for the XBOX 360. It sounds unappealing, but there's a reason this title has been an ab...

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