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    Developer Cameo

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    When developers and publishers can't resist putting themselves in their games, either in the title or actually within the game itself.

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    "Hello, I'm Ken Williams, President and Founder of Sierra On-Line."

    While all game developers and publishers will put their company name and logo in a game's intro and splash screens, and individual developers love to see their names in the credits or title screens, some seem to become so enamored with the game and their role in creating it that they will put themselves on par with the game itself.

    For some, like Sid Meier or John Romero, this may mean preceding the game's title with their own name, seemingly making it an extension of themselves, or belonging to them. For others, like the Ultima franchise and some of the early Sierra adventure games, this means putting themselves within the game itself, either as cameos or characters, or even having the game's plot revolve around them or the game studio.


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