Most Annoying Elite Mob Traits

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#1 Posted by krisniiran (8 posts) -

I hate shielding. Especially on mobs that tend to run away a lot, like the flyers in Act III and the Succubi.

And if they're Fast + Shielding...fucking chase them down, then they shield as soon as I catch up to them and I hit them 1-2 times then they run away again.

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#2 Edited by Ben_H (3993 posts) -

Vampirism combined with any AoE spell when you are playing melee. I am now at the point where I just quit and reload. I'm not spending an hour wittling them down 100 health at a time because they gain health whenever I walk within 10 feet of them. 
Invulnerability takes a close second.

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#3 Posted by krisniiran (8 posts) -

Vampirism is definitely annoying too. I didn't realize it applied to their AoE spells as well, that would explain a lot.

Again, this is a terrible trait on a mob that likes to run away from you. Especially if you have a follower and, as is the case with my monk, a mystical ally. I usually dismiss my elemental when I fight vampiric mobs just because it gets too frustrating to have them feeding the whole time...

I've only played through Nightmare, has anyone found any higher level traits that could be potentially game breaking?

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#4 Posted by Ares42 (3639 posts) -

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#5 Posted by Plasticstars (174 posts) -

Molten and Vampirism. So fucking annoying.

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#6 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

Invulnerable is so annoying trying to focus that one guy down while his minions are invincible.

Another was the slow missile effect or something, but I've only seen it on one monster so far.

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#7 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5442 posts) -

Arcane and Jailer with a little plagued. Just sit there and watch yourself die.

Invincible minions are infuriating as well. Extra fast just pisses me off.

As a Demon Hunter, not being able kite stuff effectively can really bum you out.

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#8 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Mainly just FAST for me and Jailer as a Wizard. I can't kite Fast and Jailer is tough.

@haffy said:

Invulnerable is so annoying trying to focus that one guy down while his minions are invincible.

Another was the slow missile effect or something, but I've only seen it on one monster so far.

If you can kite the minions away, sometimes he wont follow. The RUN back as fast as you can and the minions might stay away, especially if you can snare them with some CC (I drop Blizzards as a Wizard). Come back and finish off the lone "big guy"

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#9 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Vampiric Fire Chain Frozen Arcane Enchanted...and the mobs in question were those Meteor spammers in act IV.
First elite I had to reload for.

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#10 Posted by Leekspin (36 posts) -

Extra Fast, inv minions. Doesn't matter what else, as long is there isn't this combo I can kill them

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#11 Posted by Spitznock (1176 posts) -

I hate nightmarish the most I think. Nothing is more irritating in a video game than abilities that cause you to lose control over your character (though Blizzard appears to love it, as WoW is bursting at the seams with them).

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#12 Posted by Turambar (8021 posts) -

Reflect damage.  It is not necessarily lethal, but it is absurdly annoying against DOT damage based characters like my DH and Wizard.  Also their stacked resistances don't do shit against thorn damage.

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#13 Edited by lobsterman (40 posts) -

I ran into a guy on hell act3 that had invulnerable minions(around 6-7 dudes) with arcane enchantment, and extra health, and I'm a monk. Died about 15 times before i gave up, and reloaded.

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#14 Posted by Jayesslee (115 posts) -

Vortex is pretty annoying when you're a mage.

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#15 Posted by emem (2060 posts) -

Soul Ripper elites of any kind are impossible to solo for me (as a wizard) on inferno and the same goes for invulnerable enemies that are faster than me even when I spam blizzard... when there is enough room you can kite elites with invulnerable adds to death. Most other skill combinations are managable, but some take at least one enrage before I can kill them. 
@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Vampiric Fire Chain Frozen Arcane Enchanted...and the mobs in question were those Meteor spammers in act IV.  First elite I had to reload for.
Class? That's actually a really easy combination for a wizard (any ranged if I had to guess). 
@Jayesslee said:

Vortex is pretty annoying when you're a mage.

You can just use teleport if you get caught. Normally you have to either stay out of vortex range or hug walls. 
@Subject2Change said:

Mainly just FAST for me and Jailer as a Wizard. I can't kite Fast and Jailer is tough.

@haffy said:

Invulnerable is so annoying trying to focus that one guy down while his minions are invincible.

Another was the slow missile effect or something, but I've only seen it on one monster so far.

If you can kite the minions away, sometimes he wont follow. The RUN back as fast as you can and the minions might stay away, especially if you can snare them with some CC (I drop Blizzards as a Wizard). Come back and finish off the lone "big guy"

I never managed to kite the invulnerable adds away from their boss, they are basically glued to him. I guess in your case they were stuck behind a wall somewhere... sometimes that's the only way to deal with a group (getting lucky), imho.
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#16 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@emem: Sure, they teleport around, then run at you from all sides so the fire chain will hurt, there'll be frozen orbs about to explode all around you and there's bound to be some disco orbs going mental too.
If you have a lot of room you'll be able to kite kill them but holy hell, its not at all 'easy'.
Because your robed wizardy ass will die the moment you get caught in a triple meteor freeze arcane orb.
More so then my Witch Doctor or my friends tank Barbarian!
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#17 Posted by Shirogane (3641 posts) -

I hate wallers, all they seem to do is troll me by walling between me and them, then nobody can hit each other. Especially bad in narrow caverns, even moreso when it's the only path.

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#18 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3413 posts) -

Mortar. God damn, mortar.

Also vampirism, vortex, and frozen.

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#19 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

Fire Chains, Invulnerable Minions, Fast. As a Monk. Extra fun if it's one of those small spiders, which are already pretty fast to begin with, and can be hard to target the main one.

Arcane is probably the one attribute that has killed me the most times, though my relationship with that attribute is... complicated. It's interesting, but it can be avoided, at least.

Combinations of Plagued, Molten, Fire Chains and Desecration is also fun... then there's walling, nightmarish, jailer which is naughty in their own ways.

Teleport, Frozen, Horde, Illusionist, Mortar hasn't really been issues for me so far.

Then again, I'm probably going to abandon my monk for a ranged class (wizard?), because Act 2 Inferno is... not fun. Looking forward to hating new combinations! :P

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#20 Posted by emem (2060 posts) -
@TaliciaDragonsong: Most of the time there is only one guy teleporting (at a time) and the chains don't connect immediately when he's far away from the other two. Vortex would probably be pretty tough for you guys, though.
Easy was probably the wrong word, but once you've fought soul rippers and oppressors on inferno it's just relaxing to have ranged enemies that have abilities I don't have such a big problem dealing with.  
And wizards are actually harder to kill than you might think, but sometimes it's all about luck. I've had a waller trio + vortex + mortar + something yesterday... when I blinked, after they pulled me, they set their walls in a triangle around me (so that I couldn't move one bit) and killed me with mortar. That happened two times in a row and then they just stopped doing it and allowed me kite them to death. It's weird sometimes.
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#21 Posted by solidlife (910 posts) -

let me just Motar you so you get close then throw in a Arcane so you have to run away and Invul so you cant hit me ERGH!!!!

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#22 Posted by fox01313 (5251 posts) -

Playing mostly the witch doctor & wizard so the motar types are the worst for me. With the witch doctor & lots of minions the vampirism ones are just hell to fight, was fighting one on nightmare outside the graveyard with the 3 crypt entrances where the boss & minions were all vampiric so even spamming haunt & firing constantly took forever as they were constantly getting health back from the templar & zombies.

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#23 Posted by SilenceUK (363 posts) -

as a DH the mortar ability can suck major balls specially when its with a horde or illusionist ur kinda squishy to start with and then you get 15 mortars on your had and insta gib lol

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#24 Posted by Lazyaza (2493 posts) -

Anything that drops fire, I hate hate HATE mobs that drop fire because I literally have a second to move and then even if I do my health (which is almost at 50k now) drops to barely 5% and theirs fuck all I can do except pray because I'm a monk and having to melee all the time means getting a 50% chance of death on any mob that drops fire either in a circle or trail. Blizzard wants them to be hard but they are god damn broken when it comes to being a melee class.

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#25 Posted by Renahzor (1043 posts) -

The only ones I reeeeeally hated so far as a witchdoctor was a champion Basilisk with invuln minions, missile suppression, fast, mortar. That combination broke any kiting, because my darts were doing nothing for damage, and they would launch mortars then go underground and pop up right next to you, trying to kite just made the boss guy always burrow and never take damage, and I couldn't ever beat the enrage.

There are a few very difficult combos, but actually for me mortar combos are typically not too bad unless its a champion with horde and mortar. The enemies have to stop to cast a mortar, so you can get in good damage while kiting.

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#26 Posted by ajamafalous (13573 posts) -

Arcane, Molten, Desecrator, Fire Chains all do way too much damage. 
Frozen/Jailer are dumb on OHKO mobs (like Dark Berserkers, etc.). 
Come to think of it, shielding is pretty dumb on anything just because Revenge doesn't count shielded mobs as enemies hit so you don't get healed for it, therefore you'll likely die as a barb when fighting them (which seems like a bug, because Revenge does work on Invulnerable Minions). 
This is all from Barb/Monk Inferno perspective. I know that my ranged friends get oneshot by Mortar all the time and it's pretty funny to watch.

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#27 Posted by Grillbar (2079 posts) -

jailer+mortar+Illusionist+Invulnerable Minions

a shitty combo for my DH

just a trio that had vortex+arcane sentry+molten+jailer

on inferno i cant even survive 1 arcane sentry to go though me, now getting pulled in to the molten part and getting jailed and having 3 sentry's comming at me is never fun, but most of all i hate mortar

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#28 Posted by Veektarius (6198 posts) -

As a DH, vortex/molten is a really tough combination. A number of other traits can make it worse. I can pop smoke every time I get sucked in to not die instantly, but discipline doesn't last forever. Especially if they've got fast, then I need to waste a lot of it on caltrops.

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#29 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Invuln minions + illusionist is my most hated/feared combo.

There's also a 90% change that I'll die to mobs that explode after death because I get distracted by the loot.

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#30 Edited by Adamsons (877 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

Frozen/Jailer are dumb on OHKO mobs (like Dark Berserkers, etc.).

Vortex is pretty bad for this too, when a dark berserker winds up and then you get vortexed into the mace attack.

It's making me angry just thinking about it.


Edit - though those attacks are survivable as melee.

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#31 Posted by Leekspin (36 posts) -

@fox01313: Dont use haunt, the damage is misleading. 575% over 12 sec is only 47.9% damage a sec while spamming firebats is 220% damage a sec. Use Vision Quest and pick a build that has gargantuan, zombie wall, splinter darts, and spam fire bats

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#32 Edited by Nonapod (134 posts) -

My favorite thing is being walled up with a shitload of arcane sentries lasering me to death. I love it so much when that happens. And I say such wonderful, complimentary things about the developer who thought that was an awesome idea (and their mothers)!

I also enjoy fire bomb mortors and those ice bomb thingies. And I squeal with delight when I get invulnerable minions and shields!

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#33 Posted by Anupsis (402 posts) -

Molten as a Barbarian is a huge pain in the ass.

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#34 Posted by Scotto (1306 posts) -

Invincible minions, extra fast, and arcane sentries are the worst. Those damn laser beams are the worst when you're in a crowded area and can't avoid them. I've heard reflect damage can be particularly awful for ranged DPS classes.

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#35 Posted by eezo (308 posts) -

As a wizard i can deal with most traits but i have to say Fast is the worst if you think of a single one, but then again if you think about combo's i have to say

fast + jailer or jailer + mortar, if i see any of these i either try to avoid them or simply start the section over because i know i won't be able to kill them, this is

on inferno ofcourse..

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#36 Posted by uniform (1842 posts) -

On Inferno..all of them. Difficult to choose the worst when you're basically running for your life from all of them.

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#37 Posted by NaDannMaGoGo (338 posts) -

Shielding, Firechain, Molten. (am Barb)

But really, in Inferno everything can turn into insanity.

The worst aren't necessarily these affixes themselves but if you're unfortunate enough to get a really strong unit type as champion/elite pack - well good night. I remember some of my first few Act 3 tries, when I was fortunate enough to engage an Elite Golgor pack. It didn't even really matter what abilities those guys had, even the minions just one shot me whatsoever (didn't even try to fight them, but just getting past those fat fucks was hard).

Or when you get Tremors or Phase Beasts as those versions - just what the fuck. And let's not forget the good old soul rippers. I mean while those often are beatable, goddamn them.

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#38 Posted by shrinerr (228 posts) -

not mine

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#39 Posted by gamefreak9 (2877 posts) -

The more non-elemental damage the worst it is, with the exception of mortar since thats always terrible. Fast is pretty much the worse thing... since I can't kite anymore. I'ma wiz btw

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#40 Posted by eroticfishcake (7857 posts) -

They're all shit. I can tolerate them fine up to Hell but at Inferno just about every death in the hands of elites feel like complete bullshit.

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#41 Posted by stinky (1564 posts) -

i dont understand loot in the game, its too random and not based on the difficulty of what you are fighting. so even if you defeat these champions, it doesn't mean anything.

if one is too annoying i'll try to lead it into a far off corner and bypass it

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#42 Posted by SpheriQ (101 posts) -

Most annoying so far was a pack of teleporting jailer Morlu Incenerators. Could barely catch up with them before they teleport away, all the while I'm being immobilized and showered with meteors.

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#43 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Jailer, Waller, Molten. They hinder my movement greatly.

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#44 Posted by s10129107 (1490 posts) -

This may sound dumb but i hate the ones that blow up at the end. Finally finish after like dying a bunch, go to loot them and boom, a 28 second wait... Also if i don't hate the mortars, the invulnerable minions and the combination of vortex or prison with molten or plagued.

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#45 Posted by Reale (273 posts) -

fast plus invulnerable is a pain in the arse... mortars and vortex too ... and i always seem to forget when they are molten that they explode and I usually only work that out from running too fast on to their corpse lol/

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#46 Edited by Xymox (2381 posts) -

jailer + desecrator (cheap death, have fun in hardcore)

frozen + arcane

basically anything that hands you a cheap death where you can't do anything.

invunerable minions, molten, vampiric... at least you can fight those.

Not much you can do when you get jailed/frozen and practically insta-gibbed.

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#47 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Kinda over this game, didnt really like Normal, started Nightmare got though act 2 and thought I might have a look at the gems on the AH. Now I am completly overpowered and it only cost 10000 coins

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#48 Edited by Hyperglide (159 posts) -

Invulnerable Minons is probably the cheapest. The most annoying is Jailer. At least Wallers, Vortex'ers you can still get away. Funniest is Knockback. Gets me everytime.

Firechains is one that's tricky too because it's very hard to get the mobs to separate out of a group, which is usually how champ packs get you and your party, is if they stick together.

The worst packs are those damn Lickers. Cause not only are the Lickers already fast to begin with but they have a high damaging ranged attack too. If you get a mob pack of them that has these traits: Fast, Jailer, Frozen/Arcane, Vampiric, Invulnerable minions consider your game fucked.

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#49 Posted by Solidsnak (167 posts) -

Invulnerable minion is by far my most hated followed closely by reflect damage, but I play Demon hunter so those are especially deadly.

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#50 Posted by Monopolized (554 posts) -

invulnerable, jailer, mortar.

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