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    Digimon World 3

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 05, 2002

    Digimon World 3 is the third game in the Digimon World series, where a young boy named Akira enters an online Digital World MMORPG only to be trapped by hackers.

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    Digimon World 3 Opening
    Digimon World 3 Opening
    Digimon World 3 is a RPG released on the PlayStation in 2002 based on the Digimon TV series, released in Japan and North America. Europe, however, received Digimon World 2003, which allowed you to continue playing the game after you've beaten it, unlike the NTSC and JP versions.

    You play as a young boy named Junior who, with his friends, enter a virtual MMORPG called "Digimon Online", run by MAGAMI, where each player gets to raise and train their own Digimon for battle. However, after an online terrorist attack, Junior and his friends are trapped in the online game and must fight to stop the terrorists.

    Battle System

    Tutorial Battle with Kuwagamon
    Tutorial Battle with Kuwagamon
    Digimon World 3 features a turn-based battle system. Players battle with one Digimon at a time, however, a total of three are usable. Each Digimon has the ability to use a standard attack, use a technique they have such as "Pyro Blaster" (Guilmon) or "Pepper Breath" (Agumon), or Digivolve to a higher level such as Agumon to Greymon to MetalGreymon.

    Battle Capabilities increase the farther you get into the game and when you have certain digimon you are able to combine them to make an even more powerful digimon temporarily.  The digivolve system works like pokemon evolution but expressed differently.  When your digimon have the ability to digivolve you can "set" it to that level and bring it to battle already digivolved.  Digivolving can involve other digimon branches though so be aware that evolution isn't based whether or not its in the insect branch, dragon branch, etc. 
    Your digimon also has a limit break and the more attacks endured the closer you are evolving randomly during battle to the next rank.  Such as if you only currently have an Agumon and its limit breaks it will evolve into Greymon temporarily for just one battle.  Digimon also gain skills/techniques during leveling up so just like most turn based video games your digimon learns a new skill or some healing technique.


    Digimon World 3 takes place in the online vitrual world of "Digimon Online". Players start off on the Asuka server in Asuka City. Each city contains an Inn and Item Shop. Players can save at the Inn using Guardromon's Matrix Drive as well as rest using Gatomon's sleeping services. The world outside towns are full of wild Digimon waiting for battle.  Sometimes you must travel in trains, cars, etc. to get to other cities or villages.  Each sector has its own theme such as the digimon world has its own "swamp" and the digimon appeal to the setting as well.  Every once in awhile in these worlds you can take side missions or collect cards and brawl with the other computer generated players, the cards are usually sold at inns, card stores, etc.  

    Playable Digimon

    The list of playable Digimon are as follows:

    • Agumon
      Meeting Your Partner Digimon
      Meeting Your Partner Digimon
    • Guilmon
    • Kotemon
    • Kumamon
    • Monmon
    • Patman
    • Renamon
    • Veemon (can only be a partner through DRI Agent Bob; not a starter selection)

    At the beginning of the game, players select one of three Digimon packs to begin with: 
    • Pack A: Balanced
      - Kotemon
      - Renamon
      - Patamon
    • Pack B: Strength
      - Agumon
      - Monmon
      - Renamon
    • Pack C: Maniac
      - Guilmon
      - Patamon
      - Kumamon
    Other Digimon are obtained by talking to their DNA Agents, where they'll have you go on a mission to find their Ultimate evolution, battle them, and bring back a piece of their DNA. Players will then be able to switch out their team of three for any substitution at the Lab.  Your digimon can evolve into other species of digimon.

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