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    Rising to prominence through the American fighting game community, Divekick is an indie fighting game that distills the controls into two simple buttons, requiring clever strategy as players try to score the first hit with their divekick attack!

    wyndhydra's Divekick (PC) review

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    Divekick = Accessibility = Excellence

    I will go in by saying that I like fighting games, although in general I am rather poor at them. Divekick has taken some of the basic concepts of spacing, footsies and meter management and thrown all of the rest away (quite literally, as only 2 buttons are used in the entire game). That is not to say that the game is simple by any means. Characters have unique air and ground meter abilities and each kicks at their own unique angle. This provides the ability for a lot of playstyle variety and allows for different techniques to try and outwit your competitor. The true gem of the game is that the controls are so simplistic that you can easily convince a friend who does not like fighting games to play with you. Within minutes a buddy of mine, who hates fighting games, was totally into it and we were running best of 3's for 2 hours. The game also has great matchmaking online, I was able to find opponents consistently under 20 seconds. All and all the game has great accessibility, a good bit of humor and great seat of your pants fighting action.

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