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Dolores Umbridge was the High Inquisitor to Hogwarts School as well as its Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. She was also temporary Headmaster when Dumbledore fled arrest. She was universally loathed by all of the school's students and teachers, and remains a main antagonist to Harry Potter and his friends,

In her office
In her office
almost near Voldemort himself. She dressed in pink, gaudy clothes and laughed in a hissy tone. She was obsessed with cats and would have pictures of cats on plates in every spot of her office. Her behavior was very mean and hateful; she would either poison or torture students to get information from them. She was desperate for information at one point about " Dumbledore's Army," a group of students training their skills lead by Harry, and followed Hermione into a trap in the woods. She was taken away by Centaurs and presumably injured greatly. When Cornelius Fudge admitted that Voldemort had returned, she was fired, although she still had a job at the Ministry checking half-bloods' or mudbloods' nature. She carried a Horcrux in a locket temporarily and Harry and Hermione grabbed it from her, stunning her in the process.

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