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    Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

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    The man who created Crackdown's Super-Human Agents and The Agency's Cloning Program. He is responsible for Crackdown's Freaks

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    During the events of Crackdown, you need to take out Dr. Baltazar Czernenko, located at the Institute of Research, as a part of the Shai-Gen Corporation. After his death you learn about his previous work at The Agency. Before he worked for the powerful Shai-Gen Corporation, he worked at The Agency. He was the most important person in The Agency's Super-Human and cloning programs. He invented the genetically modifying substances that transforms normal Pacific City residents into the Super-Human policeman called The Agent. When the first successful Agent was created, he used a cloning program to make an endless amount of Agents, so there would never be a lack of it.

    After he completed his work at The Agency, he was offered a job by the Shai-Gen corporation. This powerful corporation gave him more power, more money and more freedom of experimenting, even on innocent Pacific City residents. In search of creating a better Super-Human than the one he created at The Agency, he did many tests, all resulting in what is know as Crackdown's Freaks. These Freaks roam the Shai-Gen Island after Dr. Baltazar Czernenko timely demise.


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