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    The Agency

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    An international police organization that are the main faction in the Crackdown games.

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    The Agency are a large organization featured in the Crackdown series.


    In the original game, three gangs have taken control of Pacific City. Due to the huge gang presence that has corrupted the city, the Agency have been authorized to bring justice to the streets by any means necessary. Their main base HQ is the Keep, which is where the Agency Tower is located.

    Using the work of disgraced Agency scientist Dr. Baltazar Czernenko, the Agency are able to create biologically augmented supersoldiers known as Agents. These Agents were designed to eliminate each gang boss in Pacific City to dismantle gang influence on the streets.

    When the Agent dismantles each gang in the city, the Agency Director congratulates them for their efforts and reveals that the Agency have been secretly outfitting the gangs in order to instill fear in Pacific City's denizens. With the Agency publicly vowing to make the city crime-free, then Pacific City's citizens would willingly submit to the Agency taking total control of the city.

    Crackdown 2

    Ten years after the events of the original game, Crackdown 2 begins with the Agency Director being interviewed regarding corruption within the Agency.

    Crackdown 3

    After several blackout attacks occur worldwide, the Agency have taken the fight to the TerraNova Corporation in the city of New Providence.


    • The Agency's main weapons of choice are manufactured by Colby in the original Crackdown.

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