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Pacific City

used to be a peaceful place, ran by the Agency who seemed to have everything under control. The was not the case. Gangs started to claim territory's and soon pushed the Agency back to their island, the only place not under gang control. To gain the upper hand over the enemy gangs, they started to research and create genetically modified cops, know as


. The research was led by

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

. His research took long, and knew many failed attempts. Crackdown 1's '


' are the result of these failed attempts. Eventually Czernenko managed to create the Agents you play as in Crackdown. After the first conceived Agents, Czernenko left the Agency and started to work for the powerful Shai-Gen Corporation.

Crackdown 2

During the time between Crackdown and Crackdown 2, the Agency made multiple mistakes. They hired Catalina Thorne as a research assistant. She soon turned out to conduct her own research and The Agency fired here. She swore to take revenge and used what she researched, the M2448 virus to do that. She broke into Agency laboratories and infected devices with the virus. The Agents turned into


and they trashed the laboratories before dying. She crippled the Agency by destroying the Super-Human and cloning programs. This gave her the chance to infect people in Pacific City by infecting them during "Free Medical Consultations". She gained massive support with the residents of Pacific City who felt left out by The Agency. She started a gang called the Cell and put the whole city up against the government.


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