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    Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 19, 2000

    In the future, all males of the human species have been wiped out. All that remains are incredibly good looking females known as "Babes". One man is brought from the past to save the future. That man is Duke Nukem. One man, One Mission. One Million babes.

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    Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes was the third game of the series that took place in a third-person perspective. This was easily the worst of the three and also marked the end of the cheap third person style Duke Nukem titles.

    In this Duke Nukem title, Duke is enjoying some R&R at a local strip club back in Los Angeles. All is going well and everything is roses, and best of all, NO MORE FREAK'N ALIENS. Well, like any cheesy story line, it happens again. Portals begin to rip open in the middle of the strip club and women begin getting sucked into the dark vortexes. LARD Pig Cops also start to spawn. After a short exchange of gun fire, Duke Nukem leaps into a closing portal in hot pursuit of the alien bastards. As he awakens, Duke finds himself in the post- apocalypse ridden future of Earth. Duke quickly realizes what the aliens have done... stole our chicks! Duke Nukem meets up with the Unified Babe Resistance or U.B.R. They explain how the aliens are killing all of the men and are enslaving the women to do their bidding. This will not stand, so Duke Nukem sets out to kill the alien overlords and save the Earth. After a series of strange and humorous missions, the end of the game sees Duke Nukem repopulating the Earth with... you guessed it... him and a lot of babes. Once again the Earth is safe, and Duke Nukem takes some much needed R&R.


    • Mission 1: Welcome to the future
    • Mission 2: The future isn't so bright
    • Mission 3: Big guns
    • Mission 4: Getting wet
    • Mission 5: Trapped
    • Mission 6: Underwater streets
    • Mission 7: What's that smell
    • Mission 8: Silverback's stronghold
    • Mission 9: Babes in distress
    • Mission 10: Hunter killer factory
    • Mission 11: Space port
    • Mission 12: Space bay
    • Mission 13: Promenade
    • Mission 14: Combat

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