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    Duke Vedam Dren

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    The Duke of the Imperial District of Vvardenfell.

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    During the events of TES: Morrowind Vedam Dren was the Duke of the Imperial District of Vvardenfell. He oversaw the governing body of the Vvardenfell, the Grand Council. The Grand Council consisted of representatives from the three Great Houses with territorial holdings in Vvardenfell: Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni as well as represenatives from the Tribunal Temple and the Empire. Thus he his the most important politcal figure found in the original game release.
    Duke Vedam Dren was a Dunmer. He was a knight by training and was of noble heritage. Prior to becoming the Duke, Vedam Dren was the Grandmaster of the Great House of Hlaalu. He reigned during a period of change and cultural conflict. The Great houses of Redoran & Indoril as well as the Tribunal Temple strongly opposed the encroachment of Imperial culture and values. Coming from House Hlaalu he was strong voice of support for Imperial Colonists.  
    Duke Vedam Dren can be found in the 3rd floor of the Grand Council Chamber's in Ebonheart. He is required for many important quests in the game. The player character must interact with him to get construction contract to build his stronghold. Additionally he is the only person who can bestow the promote the player character to Grandmaster of House Hlaalu.


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